Denver Trip pt:2

I realized the other day that I never did my second post of our trip to Denver.
Even though it has been three months since then and is rather late for this post,
there are some photos that I would really like to share with you. 

We went to the Denver Downtown Aquarium 

A reconstructed jaw of the prehistoric shark Megalodon.
The fake Bald Eagle would have been better if it were animatronic. 
Here I am breaking a geode in half as my son attempts to take off with his stroller. 
Sting Rays are really cool but odd looking. 
I absolutely love this shot of my son.
Rafflesia Arnoldii is the largest flower in the world.
Komodo Dragons looking on.
My kiddo flattening a penny to put a picture on it. I think he got a mermaid one.

My dad drove us around downtown Denver (literally up and down every street) showing me different places and telling me history. I recorded a lot of it which is a great keepsake to have even if it is just his voice.
They were getting ready to have a bicycle race that was apparently supposed to have a few Olympic racers in it.
I love this bear peaking into the building. I'd like to see it from the inside some day.
A really awesome looking building.
This is one of my favorite pictures that I took of building at least.

Something you would expect to be in a movie or tv show with people sitting on steps or stepping out of limos. 
Another cool shot of this building. The gold top is apparently actually made of real gold and was going under some reconstruction. 
My son had the best week playing with his Grandpa. They hardly left this digger when we went to the park one day. 
The park even has a garden with all sorts of plants with one being these sunflowers. 
And these pretty flowers.
My adorable little guy cheesing through a hole in the jungle gym tube.
On the drive home the clouds were so low in the mountains. The purple trees are dead from an insect that is killing all of them. 
Can't find trees like these in the dessert.

I was already missing everything about Denver the night before we left when my dad gave me and Ethan one last hug.

Have you ever been to Denver? What did you like the most?

And of course I went shopping because it's a must as a tourist :)

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