Hidden | A House of Night Novel by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast

On October 16, 2012 a new book in one of my all time favorite series was released. 
That book was Hidden, the 10th book from A House of Night Novel by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast.

This book series is in the Young Adult section I believe but my family (mother and grandmother) and I enjoy them immensely and I own all but one. Arrgh. That shall be rectified eventually though.  

It took me less than 72 hours to finish it once I got it home and started reading. Just like all of the other books in the series, I wanted to get to the end and find out what happened because normally they are all so intense and filled with so much action and passion.There was death, friendships were broken, some were made, loves were found, evil tried to take over but good prevailed per usual. However, to me this book was not as enthralling and action packed as the others. Yes there were some moments that were rather nice to read but otherwise I was left wanting more. And not "I want the next book now" kind of wanting but I just felt unfulfilled from it. 

Obviously I had expected more from the tenth book but I am still overjoyed this series has made it this far. What I am thinking though, because of how slow and unfulfilling this book was, is that maybe it is an in between book. By that I mean is that this was a mellow book because the next one (that doesn't come until next fall) will be a real kicker and the large battle that we have all been waiting through ten books for. Or so that is at least what I am hoping for but then if that is true and the large battle creates the conclusion of the series I will be rather bummed to not have anymore to look forward to. At least I can always read them over again.

Have you read this book or any of them from the series?
What did you think about it?

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