Las Vegas Event~The Craft Festival

On Sunday I went with family down to The Craft Festival presented by Steve Powers. 

I had a pretty decent time even though my family kept walking off without me whenever I would stop to chat with someone or look at a particular booth. 
The layout was pretty easy to follow through with. 
All of the booths where in aisles or rows  that had there own signs (Fig. 1) of what they were called  and they also gave you a map (Fig. 2) so you could easily find out where you were and where you wanted to go.

Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Even though there was a bunch of people selling different types of homemade food but they also had an area where you could buy lunch if you wanted something filling to eat. 
This area I was not impressed with at all to say the least. 
They had a very small selection of what you were able to order, even though they had a carving station, but the one thing that was the most off putting was the price of everything. 
They had about 4 or 5 different things that you could order and each one was more expensive than the cost to get into the festival and you had to buy your drink separately from what I read. 
To add a better example, what they were offering was more expensive than a meal from McDonalds and I always thought they were expensive. 


According to the Steve Powers website, there was 200 booths from 7 different Western States. Even though I didn't count to make sure I can say that there was a lot. lol
Many were just alike in the things that they sold which is expected because people sometimes have a passion for the same things.
But some were so unique and those are normally the ones that I enjoy the most.

Prickly Pear Designs
The first booth that I liked was right there when I walked in and of course was a jewelry one. 
Every piece that they sell is handmade by them and some I would have loved to of taken home that day especially the Christmas ones. 
They had two different types that were really exquisite. 
One contains these mirage beads that when you touch them they will change colors. 
They kind of reminded me of those silly little mood rings that I would get as a child. 
They also had these really cool pieces that they called typewriter keys because they were letters individually encased and done to spell different words. 
These they can do custom things for and right there on site which I thought was great. 
If you would like to check out what they sell, you can do so here.

Creative Creations
Another one that I really liked was these handmade solar lights for your garden, front door or wherever you would like to put them.
I just thought they were so cute and a great concept instead of just the boring lights that you stick in the ground. 
Lynda, the lady that makes them is really nice and crafts everything by hand and even does custom orders if you want something that pertains more to your style. 
She even described how she does her custom orders (sending cell phone pictures to make sure everything is to the clients liking) and I think that is great because there is constant communication. 
She not only designs ones that are frilly and girly but also ones that are sports related and they are even cute...um I mean masculine :)
She currently does not have a website but if you are interested in speaking with here you can do so by contacting her by email at: lyndam15@hotmail.com.
She was also very nice in letting me take a few pictures (pictured below) of her items so that I could show exactly what I was talking about

One of my favorites

Sports gnomes and chef guys :)

Big Cat Designs
If you love cats then you will absolutely love and I mean LOVE what this lady does.
Her art was so impressive and I found so many adorable things (pictures, cards, shirts, etc) that I would love to have in my cat collection. 
My favorite was one that she did of Alice in Wonderland that you can see here.
The originals are all originally done with coloring pencils and then I am presuming massed produced which takes nothing away in my opinion. 
She had a few originals up for show and they were so amazing and looked just like an actual photograph picture of the cat itself. 
It was funny going through the different cats that all had different expressions and sayings and picking out which ones fit those in my house.
If you like art and cats than you should definitely check out her website.

Do you like going to craft festivals or fairs? What do you normally enjoy looking at while you're there?


  1. I think you did a great job with this review! The pictures are wonderful. Love the charming, little lights with figurines!

    1. Thank you, Jean. Next time I think I'm going to have to go by myself so I can take longer and fully look at everything without being rushed. Those solar lights are so cute and so different than just a light being stuck in the ground.


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