Twinkling Trees: Thrifty Christmas Holiday Wreath

Thrifty Christmas Holiday Wreath

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 12/17/2012
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Do you enjoy making Christmas decorations because I sure do. There is nothing like going out and buying the items that I personally like and creating something special myself and that others will enjoy. And that is exactly what I did the other night finally after having bought the items a week earlier. I am so happy with how it came out that now I want to try making more with different items.

Isn't it just pretty and festive?
I absolutely love it and continue to get compliments on it. 

Items Used:

            • A simple wired wreath - $1.00
            • Red & White flowers - $1.00 a piece
            • Gold wire ribbon - $1.00
            • Scissors
            • Hot glue gun and extra glue sticks
            • Elmer's glue
            • Small paintbrush
            • Gold glitter
            • Paint pallet to put the glue on but I would have preferred to of used a paper plate
            • A work surface, I used a poster board that was laying around the house.

First thing I did was take all of the flowers off of the plastic/rubber that they were connected to as well as the holly leaves. 
Then I separated them into different piles so I could figure out how many of each that I had to work with. 

After going through the flowers and seeing how many there was to work with, I decided that the red ones would be the main flower focus and the only ones that I would put gold glitter on. 
The glitter part was messy, easy & fun. 
I put some Elmer's glue onto the palette & with the paint brush I ran a thin but decent layer over the top petal.
After I did this to each petal I quickly sprinkled the gold glitter onto each petal one by one making sure that glitter only got onto the glue. 
This step called for efficiency and quickness to get the glitter onto the glue before it dried. 
Also, I wanted to make sure that enough but not too much glitter was sprinkled onto the petals so they didn't look like the glitter was just dumped onto them into heaps. 

The gold bow and deciding how the stems of the wreath were going to lay was a huge part in deciding on where everything else was going to lay. 
After I made the bow I kept the tails long because I wasn't sure how I wanted them to go in the end & glued the bow to the very top where the hanger was. 
Once I got the bow glued on I stood up (a view from above is better than a slanted one) and started to arrange the flowers and holly around the wreath. 
Since the red flowers are the main focus I did a pattern sequence of red flower, holly, white flower and just continued that from one top point to another.
The hot glue gun was my friend during this step and I ended up going through 3 sticks of glue.

I cut the tails of the bow off at an angle about 4" from the end and turned them around onto the wreath and stuck them into it to make them puffy. 

So pretty up close and from a distance.
I am so glad that I made this and pleased with the way it came out. 
What do you think?

Have you made a wreath or any other decoration this holiday season?