Henderson Winterfest Event & Parade

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. 
I had meant to post this a long time ago since this happened on the 15th and it is now the 29th.
But with the holidays & I catching the cold that was going around I took a bit of a break from posting to recoup and enjoy. 

 The city of Henderson had its annual Winterfest over the weekend of the 13-15.
We missed it last year but I was happy to attend it this year even though we left during the parade.
It was freezing & the parade was taking forever because no one could keep up with each other. 

The event was cute from what we saw and got around to.
There was quite a few craft vendors with some pretty nice items.
There were these trees inside of the main building that had all been decorated by certain groups of people.
A few were really pretty. 

I love this tree topper. 
It is very sparkly, gold & Christmassy.  

They even had a merry-go-round at the event.
Not a "fancy" one with all different animals but it was perfect for the kids and the parents. 

There was even a petting zoo & pony rides that we stayed clear away from.
My son is not too keen on those types of animals yet. 

There were a few beautiful and amazingly tall Christmas trees located at different points.
As beautiful as they are all adorned with lights and baubles, I find it rather sad that something so beautiful gets cut down after growing for so long. 

There were a few kid friendly stations surrounding the area of the merry-go-round.
Kids could go do crafts, decorate cookies, and what not. 
Crafts, especially Christmas crafts, are great for kids and getting into the holiday spirit I think. 

My lil dude & I after we left the parade early. 
I was so cold that my fingers were numb & when I took my gloves off they were whiter than their normal white. 

It was a cute event with lots going on. 
Some of the kid singers that they had at one of the many stages were really good. 
Next year we need to print out what is going on where so we don't walk around clueless lol.
If you want to know more than check out their website.

Did a city near you hold an event like this?

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