Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin

Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin
When the movie Something Borrowed came out on DVD, I jumped at the chance to watch it. At the time I had no idea that it was a movie adaptation from a book. I had never heard of the book before I found it at Barnes & Noble, which was a long while after seeing the movie. After taking a few months to read the book, just never took the time, I finally finished it the other night. So I thought I would do a little blog book review on it and the comparison of it to the movie.

First off let me just say that I absolutely love this book and even more so then I do the movie. If you enjoyed the movie then I highly recommend you read this book. Just like every other book that has been adapted to a movie, the book has so much more detail and things are slightly different.

Parts That Differ
If you want to be surprised when you read the book, skip this part.

     In the movie, everything seems to happen in a very short time with not too much happening yet in the book things are drawn out over a longer period of time with more affair encounters and events happening.
     Ethan plays a major role in the movie being the best male friend who knows about what is going on between Dexter and Rachel, but in the book he is hardly in it at all since he lives in England from the very beginning. And when Rachel goes to visit him there is more details to her trip rather then the two or so minutes that were shown in the movie. 
     The ending of the book is completely different then the movies ending. The movie has an encounter of Darcy and Rachel, yet the book`s ending does not have the two, now ex best friends, seeing or talking with one another again.
     Since Ethan is in England from the beginning, Rachel`s in town friend, that Ethan takes the place of in the movie, is Hillary. I am not too sure how much I liked this difference. I liked Ethan`s role in the movie with the masculine side but the role in the book is feminine even though Hillary is not the most feminine.
     Marcus is completely different in the book and I liked that. The movie portrays him as this womanizing gross guy, yet the book`s character has him as a more cool, down-to-earth guy that doesn`t give you the creeps. Very much prefer the book Marcus. 
     There is a bigger look into the background of Rachel and Darcy`s friendship. Along with their friendship`s with their other close friends. Their parents even play a part in the book when they go back home for a weekend. 
     Oh, and Dexter`s mom is not in the book. It is his Step-Mom which Rachel and Dexter do not run into and Dexter does not have this worrisome issue about his mother`s depression. 

     So apart from my undecided liking of the Ethan/Hillary part, I love all of the differences that there are in the book compared to what they swapped in the movie. Everything in the book just paints such a bigger and broader picture of what is, has and did go on in the lives of these characters. And through the book I ended up disliking Darcy so much more. It is like the movie writers took her character and decreased her by 50% maybe. 

     A great plus of the book is that it does not feel rushed, whereas the movie creators had to cram main points of the story into less then two hours. So with that, I once again would totally recommend this book to those that enjoyed the movie or to those that enjoy romance books. Definitely a smooth read.

What did you think of the book, movie or both?
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