Twinkling Trees: August 2012

Birchbox August 2012

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 8/29/2012
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So it is that time of the month. 
Well, it is a bit later than when I would have normally of done this post.
Since I was out of town on vacation, I was not able to write this post when my Birchbox came in.
Even though it is later then when it came I still wanted to write this so that anyone who is interested can check out the products that came in my box this month. 

This month`s Birchbox was centered around this time of year of students going back to school.
The shipping box was orange with a ruler on the edge.
I think it is cute and adds a little something to it that they did this.

The main box was its normal self.
I used a pen to cut through the tape, so it has a mark down the middle, lol

The usual informational card was completely different this time.
This month`s was a mini booklet.
 I really liked it because it is rather informative. 
It talks about different brushes and tools, how to read labels on products and tips and quick fixes.

Inside look of the products when I opened the box.
At first glance I was not impressed, primarily because of seeing the Larabar.
On one hand it is cool that they are helping promote these bars, but on the other hand they are not entirely something I want to receive in a makeup sample box.

So this first item is by Sumita and is a brow base.
"This wax concealer pencil keeps unruly brows in place all day long."
It retails at $11.
I do not see how this product is for brows.
It does not feel like wax at all and when applied to my brows it does nothing but make them lighter and flaky from the product.
Since it said concealer I tried it on the dark circles under my eyes and it works great. 
I did two layers and it made a notable difference.

Beauty Fixation makeup remover swabs
"Fix any beauty goofs with these genius pre-filled swabs"
Retailing for full-size at $5.00
It would have been nice if it said how many you get in a full-size package.
These are perfect for when you are not at home and you need to fix your makeup.
Who wants to carry makeup remover and cotton swabs with them when they can just carry these.
Depending on how many you get in a full-size package, I definitely think these would be a great buy for those that do their makeup outside of their home often.

"Consider these wholesome bars brain fuel: they`re packed with fruits and nuts."
Retailing at a pack of 5 for $9.00
Like I mentioned previously, I was not to keen on seeing these when I opened the box. 
I look forward to getting my boxes for makeup samples, not food.
However, I do like the fact that these are gluten, non-gmo and kosher.
I do not have a particular need for foods that are but I do know that some are hard to find.
And the ingredients are all items that I know of unlike many products that have ingredients that I cannot even pronounce.  

My little wrapped package.
What can be inside?

One product is this Juicy Couture perfume "Viva La Juicy."
"This modern scent is a feminine blend of wild berries, mandarin, and waterlily."
Retailing at $70.00 for a full-size bottle.
I cannot express how much I love this perfume.
It is very subtle, pretty and sexy smelling.
Definitely a scent for nights during the winter.

The full-size bottle is super cute.
The inside packaging even describes the scent and tells you what certain scents are in it.
Not many perfume samples that I have received will say what is in it.
This is a great thing to do so people can find out if they are allergic to any one of the ingredients.

theBalm cosmetics Stainiac in Beauty Queen.
"We`re crazy about this two-in-one lip and cheek stain: the sheer gel formula stays put for hours."
Full-size retails at $17.00
Immediately when I saw this product I thought of Benefit`s Benetint.
Unlike the Benetint, Stainiac is a gel formula instead of a liquid. 
This difference makes it great for the spill factor.

It come with an angled felt tip applicator.

The color is a beautiful pink once you get it built up to it.
It is a build-able color but just to get this color on my hand it took quite a bit of product.
It does last quite a long time (all night before washing it off) and does not smudge. 
Definitely worth it if you want something like the Benefit Benetint but do not want to pay its price. 

In the end, I do like the products that came in this month`s box.
They will definitely be used often and until they are empty. 
Once the samples are gone I look forward to buying the full-size product of the ones that I enjoy the most. 

Do you receive Birchbox?
What did you think of the products in the August box?

Remember, YOU are beautiful!!!

Quoted descriptions of these products are from the Birchbox information booklet.

Review-Physicians Formula Multi-Colored Highlighter

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 8/04/2012
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     My makeup collection has been lacking an essential item. That is at least since I have watched YouTube videos of people using one and the type of look that they get from it. This item would be a highlighter. I have seen most people use the Benefit High Bean Highlighter and get amazing results from it, but I have yet to shell out that kind of money for one. Instead, I found the Physicians Formula Multi-Colored Highlighter on sale at my local Albertsons. And when I say on sale I mean it was $2.99 instead of the normal ten dollars or so.

I like that it is Hypoallergenic and Fragrance Free.

All of the different colors was intriguing and interesting to me.

It is so cute how it opens up to reveal a mirror and brush.

     Okay, so let me just say that this was not the best $2.99 that I have spent lately and I am probably going to end up throwing this product out. 

For starters, the brush that it comes with is so rough that it hurt to use it and actually scratched my skin when I tried to apply the powder. 

Second, I know it is a powder but I was hoping that it would not show on my which it did. When I applied it, you could actually tell that I had some powder on. It made my not only look powdery but like it needed some lotion. 

There is so much excess powder that comes off when you swipe your brush over it and the knock off is even more. 

Lastly, and the real kicker I think. It did not do a thing at all. I started out layer by layer to try it out and to see how it could be built up, but no matter how many layers and buffing in I tried it never did anything but look like powder laying on top of my skin. 

Needless to say this product is not my favorite and I am a bit iffy about trying anymore of the Physician Formula Products.

Have you tried this product before or one from Physicians Formula? Did it work for you?

Stay beautiful