Our trip to Denver part 1

Our trip to Denver part 1
For the first time ever my son and I went on a vacation and to Denver, Colorado.
My father and my baby sister both live out there.
You might think it is odd but this was the first time that her and I had ever met.
If you have never been to Denver then you should at least make a trip there once.
I at least think it is a great place.
But then I do live in the desert and almost anywhere else would be better. lol

Here are a few pictures from our wonderful week.

On the way there we stopped in Grand Junction, CO.
And surprisingly we got to pet a baby kangaroo at the gas station.
So cool and a great memory.

Grandpa and Grandson checking something out inside of the cave.

Giraffes are one of our favorites.

Watching the sea lion show.
His slurpee came in a totally awesome cup.
Feet. lol. They have a kiddie play area with a little river. 

watch out. They spit. lol

An absolute beauty. Felt so sorry for him/her as it just paced around panting.

Some information for you :)

This elephant was dancing. Got video of it :)

I have Dumbo ears lol

I am a big kid.

Such an adorable face.
Such a beautiful flower.

He just loves his giraffe that I got him.

The Denver Zoo is HUGE.

It was such a great day at the zoo.
My son had an awesome time and I got to make some amazing memories.
Their ice cream is great but their food is a bit on the pricey side.
This zoo is definitely a great place for not only kids but parents as well.

What is your favorite zoo animal?

If you have any interest in checking out the Denver Zoo you can do so here:

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