Please meet......................Salem

He is my new, soon to be two months old kitten. 
He is all black except for a little white patch in the middle of his chest and a few white hairs spread out through his ears and face. 
I named him after the cat in Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
A friend of mine`s cat had kittens and I was lucky enough to get him.
He is such a love and cuddle bug when he is sleepy but when he is awake he is such a little terror lol
He has joined 3 other cats and only one of them is ok with him. 
The other two do nothing but hiss and growl at him, but I am hoping that as time passes and he grows they will become accustomed to him. 
My son (he is 2 and a half) is slowly learning how to treat a kitten after being so used to the larger cats.
I think it is a great learning experience for him in how to treat those that are smaller and a great learning experience for me as a parent in teaching him and having patience. 

Do you have any pets?

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