Twinkling Trees: November 2012

Tortilla Soup Recipe for under $20

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 11/27/2012
 Looking for something quick, simple & filling?
This tortilla soup is exactly that and delicious too boot. 

Vampire Eau de Parfum: By Body Fantasies

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 11/26/2012
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Even though Winter does not officially start until December 21, 
I have already switched out my Summery scents for more "cold weather scents." 
There is just something about Winter scents that make me feel all warm & cozy and ready for the holidays when I spritz one on for the day. 
My current favorite is Vampire by Body Fantasies.

Las Vegas Santa's Arrival Parade 2012

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 11/17/2012
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It's that time of year here again.
One week before Thanksgiving and Town Square  had its annual Santa's Arrival Parade.
It is to honor Santa's arrival to the outdoor shopping center and availability for pictures.

Santa's house is a Normal Rockwell replica.
The carolers were rather delightful.
 My little guy insisted on wearing his cat ears for some reason.
 The play park/jungle gym area has these little house with kitchen sets and these cute tables.
 Such a beautiful 45' tree with matching rather large ornaments.
  I absolutely love this picture of my baby boy and I. 
For once he actually looked at the camera with me. 
Happy mommy :)
 Back in 2008 I actually worked in this exact Santa house as one of Santa's helpers. 
I actually believe that we should have been dressed as elves.

Town Square was beautiful as ever with the Santa's house, the tree, and lights everywhere. 
The parade was cute for kids but I seriously believe that it needs a total makeup. 
It was not nearly as good as last years in my personal opinion. 
Yes it is just a little parade in an outdoor shopping center
 but it could be so much more well done. 
I would love to be on its committee.

Do you have any kind of holiday parades where you live?

Denver Trip pt:2

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 11/16/2012
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I realized the other day that I never did my second post of our trip to Denver.
Even though it has been three months since then and is rather late for this post,
there are some photos that I would really like to share with you. 

We went to the Denver Downtown Aquarium 

A reconstructed jaw of the prehistoric shark Megalodon.
The fake Bald Eagle would have been better if it were animatronic. 
Here I am breaking a geode in half as my son attempts to take off with his stroller. 
Sting Rays are really cool but odd looking. 
I absolutely love this shot of my son.
Rafflesia Arnoldii is the largest flower in the world.
Komodo Dragons looking on.
My kiddo flattening a penny to put a picture on it. I think he got a mermaid one.

My dad drove us around downtown Denver (literally up and down every street) showing me different places and telling me history. I recorded a lot of it which is a great keepsake to have even if it is just his voice.
They were getting ready to have a bicycle race that was apparently supposed to have a few Olympic racers in it.
I love this bear peaking into the building. I'd like to see it from the inside some day.
A really awesome looking building.
This is one of my favorite pictures that I took of building at least.

Something you would expect to be in a movie or tv show with people sitting on steps or stepping out of limos. 
Another cool shot of this building. The gold top is apparently actually made of real gold and was going under some reconstruction. 
My son had the best week playing with his Grandpa. They hardly left this digger when we went to the park one day. 
The park even has a garden with all sorts of plants with one being these sunflowers. 
And these pretty flowers.
My adorable little guy cheesing through a hole in the jungle gym tube.
On the drive home the clouds were so low in the mountains. The purple trees are dead from an insect that is killing all of them. 
Can't find trees like these in the dessert.

I was already missing everything about Denver the night before we left when my dad gave me and Ethan one last hug.

Have you ever been to Denver? What did you like the most?

And of course I went shopping because it's a must as a tourist :)

Hidden | A House of Night Novel by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 11/13/2012
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On October 16, 2012 a new book in one of my all time favorite series was released. 
That book was Hidden, the 10th book from A House of Night Novel by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast.

This book series is in the Young Adult section I believe but my family (mother and grandmother) and I enjoy them immensely and I own all but one. Arrgh. That shall be rectified eventually though.  

It took me less than 72 hours to finish it once I got it home and started reading. Just like all of the other books in the series, I wanted to get to the end and find out what happened because normally they are all so intense and filled with so much action and passion.There was death, friendships were broken, some were made, loves were found, evil tried to take over but good prevailed per usual. However, to me this book was not as enthralling and action packed as the others. Yes there were some moments that were rather nice to read but otherwise I was left wanting more. And not "I want the next book now" kind of wanting but I just felt unfulfilled from it. 

Obviously I had expected more from the tenth book but I am still overjoyed this series has made it this far. What I am thinking though, because of how slow and unfulfilling this book was, is that maybe it is an in between book. By that I mean is that this was a mellow book because the next one (that doesn't come until next fall) will be a real kicker and the large battle that we have all been waiting through ten books for. Or so that is at least what I am hoping for but then if that is true and the large battle creates the conclusion of the series I will be rather bummed to not have anymore to look forward to. At least I can always read them over again.

Have you read this book or any of them from the series?
What did you think about it?

Dealing with Constant Head Pain

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 11/09/2012
Normally I would not talk about medical issues on my blog but because the issue that I have encountered was never even heard of by my regular physician I thought I would talk about this. On Monday I went to see my doctor because for the past however many months I have been dealing with this horrible feeling when I stand up and got to walk. It goes up my body through my chest and into my head. It makes my chest and head feel uncomfortable and often times it makes my head hurt and sometimes rather badly at that. there are times where I tend to get dizzy and and or it affects my vision making it go blurry. Now I have had this since I was twelve or thirteen, around the time of when I entered "womanhood." It used to be very rare but has gotten to the point of happening almost all day everyday. There are some days that I don't want to get up and walk because of how much it hurts. 

Uncomfortable feeling in body, chest and head
Pain in head
Blurry vision
Possible shortness of breath
When I start walking my heart speeds up but when the feeling and pain comes it slows to a hard thud and then speeds back up after it passes. 
Not sure if it is related but when I am sitting my feet ache and "feel" swollen and when I stand in one spot for too long my feet, more so my toes, turn red. 

While I was in his office he had me lay down, sit up and stand up to check my blood pressure to see if it was dropping. But while I was laying down it was 107 over something (I couldn't see the bottom number) sitting up it went up to 124 the standing up it went down to 117.

Now my doctor has no clue about this problem and has sent me off to go see a neurologist and back to see my cardiologist from last year (I was having and randomly still do, these spasms in my chest which are possible palpitations) and in two weeks he wants me to go back to see him after seeing these specialist and have every blood work under the sun done. Because of not knowing what is wrong he has told me that I cannot fly nor go anywhere outside of this state until what is wrong is found out. Admittedly I am so scared because of what is happening and the fact that my doctor has never even heard of. 

This is on my blog so others that are dealing or have dealt with this can know that they are not the only one and as I see the specialists I will be updating this specific post. I hope this will be beneficial to anyone. 


Update 11/15/2012

Yesterday I went to the cardiologist and the did an EKG while I was there and it came out just fine
He listened to what I had to say and wants to do a few updated tests since it has been a little over a year since I have done them. These tests are and Echo of my heart and a 24 hour holster monitor. This one is a pain because I have these things stuck to my body for 24 hours and can't take a shower. He possibly also wants to have me do a tilt table test because he said things can normally be found through it if they are heart related. He also said that it could also be a neurological problem especially after the ten car accidents that I have been in. So now I have to go see the neurologist and see what he says, go get my blood drawn to have it tested for everything and then go back to the cardiologist to have the two tests done.

Also, I noticed the other day that I was fine with no pain until I took my son for a walk in his stroller to the grocery store. Pain started to crawl up the higher middle of my back to my shoulders to my neck and head. It got worse on our way home and that night every time I would stand up out of the couch I would get the horrible pains. So maybe it does have something to do with my nerves. I just have to wait it out and see. 

Las Vegas Event~The Craft Festival

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 11/07/2012
On Sunday I went with family down to The Craft Festival presented by Steve Powers. 

I had a pretty decent time even though my family kept walking off without me whenever I would stop to chat with someone or look at a particular booth. 
The layout was pretty easy to follow through with. 
All of the booths where in aisles or rows  that had there own signs (Fig. 1) of what they were called  and they also gave you a map (Fig. 2) so you could easily find out where you were and where you wanted to go.

Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Even though there was a bunch of people selling different types of homemade food but they also had an area where you could buy lunch if you wanted something filling to eat. 
This area I was not impressed with at all to say the least. 
They had a very small selection of what you were able to order, even though they had a carving station, but the one thing that was the most off putting was the price of everything. 
They had about 4 or 5 different things that you could order and each one was more expensive than the cost to get into the festival and you had to buy your drink separately from what I read. 
To add a better example, what they were offering was more expensive than a meal from McDonalds and I always thought they were expensive. 


According to the Steve Powers website, there was 200 booths from 7 different Western States. Even though I didn't count to make sure I can say that there was a lot. lol
Many were just alike in the things that they sold which is expected because people sometimes have a passion for the same things.
But some were so unique and those are normally the ones that I enjoy the most.

Prickly Pear Designs
The first booth that I liked was right there when I walked in and of course was a jewelry one. 
Every piece that they sell is handmade by them and some I would have loved to of taken home that day especially the Christmas ones. 
They had two different types that were really exquisite. 
One contains these mirage beads that when you touch them they will change colors. 
They kind of reminded me of those silly little mood rings that I would get as a child. 
They also had these really cool pieces that they called typewriter keys because they were letters individually encased and done to spell different words. 
These they can do custom things for and right there on site which I thought was great. 
If you would like to check out what they sell, you can do so here.

Creative Creations
Another one that I really liked was these handmade solar lights for your garden, front door or wherever you would like to put them.
I just thought they were so cute and a great concept instead of just the boring lights that you stick in the ground. 
Lynda, the lady that makes them is really nice and crafts everything by hand and even does custom orders if you want something that pertains more to your style. 
She even described how she does her custom orders (sending cell phone pictures to make sure everything is to the clients liking) and I think that is great because there is constant communication. 
She not only designs ones that are frilly and girly but also ones that are sports related and they are even I mean masculine :)
She currently does not have a website but if you are interested in speaking with here you can do so by contacting her by email at:
She was also very nice in letting me take a few pictures (pictured below) of her items so that I could show exactly what I was talking about

One of my favorites

Sports gnomes and chef guys :)

Big Cat Designs
If you love cats then you will absolutely love and I mean LOVE what this lady does.
Her art was so impressive and I found so many adorable things (pictures, cards, shirts, etc) that I would love to have in my cat collection. 
My favorite was one that she did of Alice in Wonderland that you can see here.
The originals are all originally done with coloring pencils and then I am presuming massed produced which takes nothing away in my opinion. 
She had a few originals up for show and they were so amazing and looked just like an actual photograph picture of the cat itself. 
It was funny going through the different cats that all had different expressions and sayings and picking out which ones fit those in my house.
If you like art and cats than you should definitely check out her website.

Do you like going to craft festivals or fairs? What do you normally enjoy looking at while you're there?

Freebie!!! Merry Christmas Scrapbooking Collage

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 11/05/2012
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Christmas is still over a month and a half away but I have just now gotten into digital scrapbooking. Since this is my favorite time of year, I decided to create a Christmas collage. 
This is the first item that I am actually happy with and hope that I got the bugs worked out of it. 
I hope you enjoy it and please, if you download it, let me know in the comments what you think. 
Also, please be polite and use constructive criticism in your comments so that I can take it on to the next project that I create. Thank you so much. 

Mommy & Me October Favorites

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 11/03/2012
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October seems to have come and gone in a flash to me. 
How about you?
That being said, it is time for my monthly favorites but this month`s is going to be a bit different.
I've decided to do it as a Mommy & Me post and not only discuss my personal favorites but my favorites as a parent for my son. 
Since I talk about being a parent along with many other things, I figured why not combine the two.

 Unlike last month, I actually have quite a few favorites.
 I`ll start with my favorite.
Which is the newly released "A House of Night Novel" Hidden by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast.
I am absolutely obsessed with these books and own all but one. That shall be rectified soon though.  
I finished it in 3 days and will definitely be doing a book review on it. 

The second book in my favorites is an L.A. Candy Novel - Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad.
The first book L.A. Candy was in my September favorites and it seems like they continue to be pretty decent reading. 
I just checked the third and final one from the library the other day and will do a book review on all three as a whole instead of individually.

If you love the smell of vanilla and are not picky about your shampoo and conditioner, then you will love the Silky moisturizing V05 shampoo and conditioner with vanilla and shea. This stuff smells so wonderful when I open the cap and actually lingers for a short time. 

Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash is wonderful for my son and his eczema. Since he has extremely sensitive skin and eczema I have found this wash to work wonderfully for him. This combined with his prescribed cream and no fragrance lotion has become a must have in our routine. 

Originally I hated the Simple replenishing moisturizer and found that it did nothing to help with my skin. Just like my kiddo, I have eczema as well and it sucks when it shows up on my face. When I bought this moisturizer I was using one that I am in love with but ran out and it is a tad on the hefty price side. This might have been why it did nothing to combat my eczema but after using it for over a month now, it has actually fended it off and keeps my face feeling hydrated.

 I am loving my concealer from Pur. I can still see a bit of the darkness from my undereye circles but it works really well to cover them up as well as any blemishes. I also put it on a hyperpigmentation spot on my mother`s face and she was sold to go buy it. 

I couldn't find my favorite chapstick (my entire case was in my nail polish container lol) so my go to this month has been Blistex in the Raspberry Lemonade flavor. It tastes good but doesn't do the complete hydrating job I want it to do. 

I really dislike liquid eyeliner and was even having a hard time with these felt tip ones but after quite a bit of fiddling around, I am loving this one by Revlon Colorstay. The tip is a very fine point which is great so I can make the line super thin or thicker as I go. I found that if I store it upside down (cap and tip point down) it is ready to go the next time I use it and there is no issue with trying to get it to come out. 

My Mary-Lou Manizer from theBalm has been in my everyday lazy look lol. I wear it with the Revlon eyeliner and mascara and it makes my eyes look natural and, bright and awake. 

These Halloween cookies are by far one of my favorites ever. They're from Trader Joe`s and I hate the fact that I have to wait an entire year for them. It is just cruel lol. I actually think that they are better than Oreo`s and I am a big Oreo fan. 

If you have kids and little ones at that, ever have an issue with them not eating their fruits and veggies? I sure know I do. My son is super duper picky with food and it drives me crazy. I cannot get him to eat any veggies or fruits aside from apples and bananas. That is unless I cut the veggies up super small and hide them in rice or something. But still, he needs his daily dose and these can do just that. Beechnut carries them as well as a few other brands and you can get either all fruit or fruit mixed with a veggies. One squeeze pack contains a full serving and they are perfect for on the go. No need to keep cold, just twist the top off, squeeze and go. 

My son loves these organic suckers from Trader Joe`s and I do not feel guilty for giving them to him. Most other suckers and candy in general have so much crap in them but these are purely organic and taste great. 

What things did you enjoy the most in October?

Happy Halloween!!!!

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 11/02/2012
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This post was supposed to go up yesterday but I had a very long day of too many buses taking my son to his ear doctor all the way across town. So please excuse the lateness.

I hope you and yours had a fantastic spooky day.
This Halloween seemed to of been the best one that my son and I have shared as of yet.

These are from a local city event on Halloween night.
My adorable little cowboy with the only bird he will probably ever have lol.
One of a few decorations.

I just love this photo. Wonder what he is thinking.

Getting some candy. I think the woman on the left thought he was cute :)

Me and my bubba boy. So hard to get one of him looking at the camera with me.

More candy please.

Ooooo scary. One giant ghost.

I loved this red glowing tree.

He got WAY more candy trick-or-treating in our neighborhood after the event.

Waiting for trick-or-treaters. I think he enjoyed handing out candy the most. 

Me and my Salem.

My bubba boy and I.

And a closeup of us. 

I hope everyone that got to, had a great Halloween. Those on the East coast my thoughts are with all of you and I truly hope that things start getting better and lives stop being lost. If anyone is capable and willing to help those that need it please do.