Henderson Winterfest Event & Parade

12/29/2012 Kimberly Fouche 0 Comments

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. 
I had meant to post this a long time ago since this happened on the 15th and it is now the 29th.
But with the holidays & I catching the cold that was going around I took a bit of a break from posting to recoup and enjoy. 

 The city of Henderson had its annual Winterfest over the weekend of the 13-15.
We missed it last year but I was happy to attend it this year even though we left during the parade.
It was freezing & the parade was taking forever because no one could keep up with each other. 

Christmas in The District at Green Valley Ranch

12/04/2012 Kimberly Fouche 0 Comments

Even though Sunday was extremely blustery, my son and I took an adventure down to
The main reason for going was so that I could get a special kind of chocolate from Whole Foods.
We were walking from the bus stop to go across the street but my son persisted on going through the parking lot. 
I am glad he did.