Twinkling Trees: Birchbox February 2013

Birchbox February 2013

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 2/20/2013
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     This month's Birchbox is one that I actually liked all of the sample products that I received even though one of them I cannot use. I'll talk about why here in a few. If you missed what I received last month than you can check out that post here. If you're new to my blog and are unsure of what Birchbox is than I'll quickly explain it. For $10 a month (S&H is free) you can get 4-5 sample beauty products from some top name brands sent directly to your front door. Now as I have said in some earlier posts that these products will sometimes be hit & miss depending on what you like but than there are times where you get some really awesome samples.  Check out there website here if you want to learn about their service more.
Please note that I am in no way affiliated with them, I just happen to be addicted to beauty products

In my snazzy little bubble box I received: 

Full-size is $ 8 for 0.50 fl oz | I received a 0.25 fl oz sample
An emerald polish to shoo away the winter blues. 
-It is showing up blue but it's actually a nice green color with blue undertones-

Lancôme | Le Base Pro Makeup Primer
Full-size is $42 for 0.8 fl oz | I received a 0.23 fl oz sample
An oil-free primer meant to mask flaws & extend your foundations life.
-This is my first Lancôme product so I am really excited to try it out-
Full-size is $22 for 8.5 fl oz | I received a 1 fl oz sample.
A lotion that leaves curly hair frizz-free and feather-light.
-This is the product I was previously talking about. I don't have curly hair so I'm not exactly sure what to do with it.-

Full-size is $34 for 120g | I received a 20g sample
An exfoliating cleanser with professional grade microderm crystals and papaya enzymes to brighten skin. 
-I love exfoliators & giving myself at-home facials, so this is another great one to add to my collection.- 
A special treat from Ghirardelli.
Ghirardelli Milk & Caramel Squares
Full-size is $4.25 for a 5.32 oz bag.
-Chocolate yum, oh how it is my weakness.-

So apart from the stuff for curly hair I am actually excited to try the products.
Have you used any of them before?
Which would you want to try the most?