Twinkling Trees: My Monthly Goals for March

My Monthly Goals for March

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 3/01/2013
     Okay, so I'll just admit it. I've already failed at my new years resolutions even though I wrote this long flipping post about them. I think that having so many might have been a bit overwhelming which led me to having an epiphany the other night. What if....I chuck resolutions out the window and just focus on monthly goals. Sounds like something probably everyone in the world does but I wasn't one of them. At least not until now...hopefully.

Get us on a schedule - I plan on getting my son & I onto a regular sleeping schedule instead of the times that we have been going to sleep and waking up. It's driving me crazy because I feel like my day is wasted and I end up having no motivation for the entire day. Plus he needs some kind of regular routine especially if he gets accepted to this school program that he is getting evaluated for in close to 2 weeks.

Motivation - My motivation seems to have gone on vacation but seriously needs to come back. Now preferably. There are so many things that I have running through my mind of what I want to do. Yet when I go "I'm going to get off my bum and do this" I never do because I just don't have the motivation to do so. Admittedly I can be rather lazy when I'm comfortable.

Eat better - Last year I lost 30 pounds but since I have been taking it easy on the workouts since I'm not sure yet what has been causing me pain, I have been doing a bit more eating. This wouldn't be so bad if what I was eating was on the healthier side of things. But being a foodie I tend to eat anything that I find yummy. So I want to start eating better things while I'm taking it easy. Definitely don't want to gain all that weight back and would definitely like to loose some more.

Spend less time on the computer - Time is precious especially when you have a kid and I spend lots of my time on the computer. I'm either doing my school work since it's all online, researching, working on my blog, and just plain old fiddle farting around on it. I'd really like to spend one day a week without technology and get up and active. A day specifically devoted to doing things and playing with things the "old fashioned way".

My blog - Writing more blog posts consistently is a major goal that I have for my blog this month. Lately I've been rather flaky and posting sporadically but I'd like to change that and start putting posts up more often. No one wants to read a blog that never updates and than "BAM" a new post pops up but than the writer seems to go back into hibernation. Hopefully I can put the end to that this month.

     Five goals seems like a good start and easy to keep up. No need to overload myself when I'm first trying this out. I have faith in myself that I can do these this month and continue to do this every month. I might actually become a stronger and more disciplined person if I do and there is nothing wrong with that.

Now how about my lovely readers.
Do you have any specific goals for March?
If you made any new years resolutions have you kept to them or did they get chucked out the window?