Twinkling Trees: Nail Art | Wizard of OZ - Yellow Brick Road

Nail Art | Wizard of OZ - Yellow Brick Road

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 3/07/2013
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     With the new movie "OZ: the Great and Powerful" coming out tomorrow I was inspired to do something special to my nails. What first sparked my inspiration was the nail polish that I received in my February Birchbox (you can view that post here) and my mind just started flowing with ideas of what to do from there. My idea behind this is that the emerald polish represents the Emerald City. The yellow brick road starts out small on my little finger and gradually increases to my thumb where OZ is represented. Isn't it interesting how something so small and colorful as a nail polish can spark creativity?

What you will need to complete this design:
An emerald nail polish | I've used Wild Cactus from Color Club
Your favorite top & bottom coats
Gold Polish | I used ZIV from ZOYA 
Yellow & Black acrylic paints
Fine point paint brush
Fine point toothpick
Paper towel
Newspaper or local ad paper
paint palette or something to put everything on
& a little bit of water to rinse your brush off
 After applying your base coat & letting it completely dry, apply your emerald color and wait for it to completely dry.

 Once your emerald polish is dry add a bit of your yellow acrylic paint to your paint palette & grab your fine point paint brush. Begin with your little finger and with a small strip across the bottom of the nail. As you move to each nail make the line a little bit thicker. As always, wait for this paint to dry before moving on. Depending on how much you apply to cover the emerald polish it might take a little while for it to completely dry. 
It looks like I am supporting the Green Bay Packers lol
 To achieve the brick affect
Place some black paint in your palette and using your toothpick slowly make a line across the yellow. I found that doing a dotting/dragging motion helped with this part and I could slowly smooth it out as I went. Depending on how thick you make the yellow will depend on how many lines across. After this step make small dashes here and there to achieve a yellow rectangle shape and space them out instead of right next to each other. It helps give the affect of a brick road.

 On my thumb I took my gold polish and with the paint brush I just wrote OZ on it. 
Apply your top coat and
Your Done.

To remove any excess paint and polish just take your toothpick with a bit of cotton and polish remover and wipe the areas that need it. It was a bit time consuming with waiting for each paint and polish to dry & with doing the black lines. It maybe took me an hour to complete but this includes the breaks that I took waiting for things to dry. I just love how it all came together from a simple inspiration and idea.

What do you think about my OZ inspired nails?
Would you follow the yellow brick road?