A Sad and Frustrating Day

Today started out like any other day and went on completely fine. That is until I had a knock at the door while I was getting ready to take my son to the park. At my door was two woman asking me if I had a cat and a brown one. Infact I do, he is a seal point siamese and I had just let him in not 5 minutes prior to the knock but still at her asking got freaked out. They told me that this cat had just come running out from my driveway and got hit by a car barreling down my street. And of course the jerk that hit the cat did not even care about the poor animal that he or she just hit and kept on driving.

Let me just say that I absolutely hate the street that I live on and the massive amount of jerks that live on it. For some reason they all seem to think that it is ok for them to drive way over the speed limit and I mean completely way over the speed limit. I've even seen some do about double, revving their engines and one car that I even called the cops on that drives like this everyday, sped up so fast and went around the car in front of it. And all of this is on a residential street where kids play, including my son but I keep him out of the street, cats running around and not too mention people walking around. I have been so afraid for months that I am going to be crossing the street with my son and one of those cars is going to come zooming at us. These people do not even slow down when they turn the corner from the main road but instead zoom around the corner at horrible speeds and just keep on going like they have a race to win. Well they don't and do nothing but harm and disrupt others.

Sadly this poor cat did not make it and I am so mad about this. He wasn't even my cat but I am so big on saving animals and not to mention that cats are my favorite animal. I walked out there and the poor thing was bleeding and drug itself to the side of the road. These ladies actually had to stand in the street so other drivers wouldn't hit him because they didn't care about some dying cat.

I honestly have no idea what to do to help an animal in this situation so I ran for my phone and called my local animal control. Well they were closed. Seriously? They should be a 24 hour service because who knows what can happen. Things don't just happen between 9am and 5pm. So I called a local animal hospital and they told me I could bring him in but I had to personally pay $100 for him and up front. Wow! That is so horrible. A poor defenseless animal is laying there dying and cannot get help because people want money and refuse to be open "irregular" hours. I am so appalled at so many things right now because of this.

Unable to get help I went back outside to a group of teenagers from next door staring at the now dead cat. I am absolutely livid at this point and wishing the cat to be free, no longer feeling pain (because he did die in pain thanks to some jerk in a fancy car) and to have all the toys-catnip and food he could want. Since I failed at saving this poor creature I went looking for his owner and in my socks no less. Well I found him. At first he didn't think it was his cat but then after further looking at him he started bawling his eyes out and clutching his dead and bloody cat to himself. A much older and grown man bawled his eyes out over a dead animal because this animal wasn't just some cat.

His name was I believe Buster, from what I could hear through his crying and was this man's companion, part of his family and a furry little creature that he loved so much. I am ever so thankful that it wasn't one of my cats but horrified that it was any cat at all and the images of my neighbor crying while holding/carrying his dead bloody cat will forever be imprinted in my brain.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you to drive the speed limit and to watch out for animals and people because you should know that already. But I am going to say to please take care because your actions have consequences and many times they hurt other people. Please find some decency and humanity to care about others, their feelings, life and the lives of those they love including their animals.

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