Brownies and Broomsticks by Bailey Cates

  • Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated
  • Publication date: 5/1/2012
  • Source: Purchased from B&N for $7.99
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What is a girl to do when she has just gone through a horrible breakup and is working at a stifling job? Well for Katie Lightfoot that is exactly what she was thinking to herself until the amazing opportunity of the year lands at her. So she packs up her bags and moves to Savannah where her aunt and uncle are opening a bakery and want her to be the brains behind their delectable delights.

The Honeybee Bakery, which is named after her aunts four legged feline, is sure to be what Katie needed all along. But little does she know that a few things are in store for her.

Not only does Katie's Aunt turn out to be a witch, she has two gorgeous men are both vying for her attention but also one of her vicious customers gets murdered outside of the bakery. And someone very close to Katie is the prime suspect. With a little help from her aunt's "book club", gorgeous men and spells, Katie goes on to sleuth out the real killer and clean her uncle's name.

My Thoughts

This first book in this new mystery series has me hooked and on the lookout for the second installment. The cover is just too adorable with the baked goodies, kitty and not to mention it's all covered in pink which happens to be my favorite color. The illustrator definitely scored on this one because for me, a book's cover is what first draws my attention when I am just perusing through a bookstore.

The story is told by Katie instead of by a narrator which I rather enjoyed. It helped me build a stronger connection with her character and envision everything that was happening through her eyes. The other characters that she interacts with help paint a picture of the type of atmosphere's that Katie walks through. With some books there can be too much or too little description of characters and surrounds but this book held just the right amount. Some were more than others but in their cases they worked perfectly and would have left the book a bit empty had they not been added.

I can't give away any of the story as that would take away from your reading experience but I will say that this book is a definite hit with me. If you didn't know I am a bit picky with books and if they don't hook me my short attention span jumps ship and off to something else. But this one had me hooked from the first or second chapter. I really like how the author took Katie through normal things like working and male attraction (two infact) to the mystery side of things with murder and spells. I definitely recommend this to anyone that enjoys these types of books.

Happy Reading!

Brownies and Broomsticks (A Magical Bakery Mystery #1)

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