Disney's Monsters University Movie Review

Monday night was a super exciting night for my son and I because we were able to attend the Press Premiere of Monsters University. I was super happy that he was able to go with me and I had him amped up for a week prior to it. He had me watching the first one, Monsters Inc. (which originally released November 2, 2001), just about every day in preparation for the new one. Or maybe I made him watch it, I don't know lol. But I do know that it was an exciting night and an awesome movie.

If you're a Disney fan as well as a fan of the first movie like I am then you are probably going to love this movie just as much or if not more than the first one. How many times have you watched Monsters Inc. and wondered about certain characters and their backstory? If you did than your questions will most likely be answered in Monsters University which may be a sequel to the first one but is actually a prequel to it as the basis of the story is how Mike & Sulley met during their college years at Monsters University. I'm really glad that they answered the questions to some important characters backstory, most notably why Randall has a feud with Sulley. It makes a lot of things from the first movie clearer and understandable.
Just like in the first movie there is again a monster that is meant to be the scary one and a bit of a protagonist. This movie's protagonist monster is definitely a lot scarier and creepy than Mr. Waternoose from the first movie. But unlike Mr. Waternoose, who creeps me out just from how he looks, I actually like this scary monster and not to mention the fact that it is voiced by the lovely and talent Helen Mirren.

I enjoyed seeing how Mike (voiced by Billy Crystal) and Sulley (voiced by John Goodman) became friends during their time at MU (Monsters University) and the fact that they weren't always the best buddies that they are in Monsters Inc. They feuded, let their own egos get in the way of things (like the Scare Games competitions) overcome some obstacles and well, we all know how their story and friendship turns out. 
Some new monsters were introduced into this movie and the more prominent ones were pretty darn funny and definitely had me laughing throughout the entire movie. This is a definite must see Disney film and sequel in my opinion. Infact I actually think I love this movie more than the first one.. It just had quite a few more funny moments and light hearted fun to it than the first one did. I walked out of the theater happy with the movie and did not even think that one thing was wrong or could have been done differently. Oh and be on the lookout for some cameo appearances by some very recognizable monsters from the first movie.
Monsters University gets two toddler thumbs up from lil E and two from me. We are definitely buying this one when it comes out on dvd and recommend it to everyone that are fans of lil E's favorite small one eyed green monster and the big blue furry guy. Otherwise known as Mike & Sulley.


  1. Very good Prequel to Monsters Inc. Even those who have not watched Monsters Inc. can go for it.

    1. I definitely agree. This movie was awesome in my opinion and even if you missed the first one it does not feel like you miss out on anything.


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