In Memory of my Grandma Ernie and my Grandpa Foster

This was after their 50th anniversary dinner. I was maybe 15 or so and just as much of a dork then as I am now :)
Last weekend was a horrible weekend for myself and my family. My Grandma Ernie passed away in her sleep at 93. She was an amazing woman and I loved LOVE her so much. She may not be here anymore with us but I will always have her in my heart and in my memories. I have quite a few of them but I wish I could recall more. This post is really hard to write but I want to share her awesomeness and my memories with you but also give myself something to look back on years from now.

I remember the many times that I would stay at her place with her and my Grandpa when we all lived back in California and also after my family moved out here after they did. 

She used to make me jello all the time and I remember licking the bowl clean when she asked if I was done or something like that. No clue why I did it it's just a memory. 

I used to play cards with them and their friends when I was over and I kept winning. Maybe they all let me I don't know but I am pretty good at cards. 

I Remember walking with my Grandpa to go get the paper as he always had to have his paper. The paper and the Dodgers is what I will always associate him with. Since I collect sports cards (yup I'm kinda a tomboy) I would always save up my Dodgers cards so when I went over to their place I would give them to my Grandpa. Don't have a clue what he did with them or even if he collected them but it was something I just loved to do. 
At their 50th wedding anniversary. 
My Grandma would always scratch my back as I laid in her lap and when my cousin and I were together we would always fight over who's back she got to scratch. When she passed last weekend I could distinctly feel her scratch my back and it felt so real.

My grandma was rather blunt and my Grandpa was pretty laid back and happy. 

He was in the Coast Guard way back in the early 1900's and helped fight the war in Japan. His memories from back then reared their ugly head during his last months here on earth. 

I have always done art in some way, mainly drawing, and I drew pictures for them which they hung on their wall in their place. My Aunt, Uncle and I were apparently the only ones that had personal drawings hung up in their home. Otherwise it was their Monet prints (which I inherited since I am an art lover and wanted them because I would stare at them all the time) and a few other bought pictures. 
Again at their 50th wedding anniversary.
Remember my grandma taking my cousin and I down to swim in the pool at her condo and she would just sit there and talk to us while we swam. 

Did I mention that my Grandma would bite? She really would and it was jokingly but that whole watch out she bites actually worked for her. She wore fake teeth so it was always weird when she would take them out. 

My Grandma would even cut the crust off of my sandwiches. I hate crust!

My Grandma loved Thanksgiving and loved coming over because my Mom cooks like crazy. He would hardly ever talk while we all ate and would just smile as he kept on eating. 
After my Grandpa passed away in 2006 from bone cancer in his entire body I had a really hard time at first when I would see my Grandma. I remember her meeting up with us at a restaurant for something and I took one look at her saw that my Grandpa wasn't with her and just started crying. I never saw him when he got sick because I couldn't handle seeing him all sick and going nuts from his war memories. It's not how I wanted to remember him. The same thing happened with my Grandma. Her health just started to deteriorate these past few years ever since she fell, hit her head which cracked the other side of her skull. I believe it may have caused a hematoma. That and the pills she was taking made her mind go screwy. Last year during Thanksgiving was the last time I saw her. She was very frail and sunken from hardly ever eating. She ate quite a bit that day though. Mainly pumpkin pie. Things just got to the point where her body could no longer keep going and my Grandpa finally came and got her. At least that is what I will believe because the night before she passed I just stood in my kitchen staring at the food in my pantry talking to him. Asking him to talk her because it was the best thing for her even though I selfishly did not want her to leave. It was her time and she was really ill. I am still sad that she is gone but I know that she is no longer hurting in anyway and is finally reunited with my Grandpa. He apparently listened because she passed away that night. 

 My son got to meet my Grandma but he never got to meet my Grandpa since he was born 4 years after he passed away. They would have loved each other though.This is the only picture that I have of my son with my Grandma but it is definitely better than nothing. 

They were amazing people and I am so thankful that they were apart of my life. They will always be remembered and never forgotten. I hope they have found each other again or do in their next lives as their souls are meant to be together. I will love them always! 

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Thank you for taking the time to read this and share in my memories!


  1. So sorry for your loss. You wrote such a beautiful memory post celebrating her life.

    1. Thank you, April. She was pretty great and it will be nice to look back on this years from now.

  2. So sorry for your loss. My grandma passed away when I was in highschool and I can still remember our last visit like it was yesterday. I cherish memories I have of her, and even though it seems like a long time, i know I will see her again, just as you will see your grandma again.

    1. Thank you, Bethany. It's amazing how some memories can be so vivid while others fade away. I will definitely cherish my memories of both of them forever.


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