Floyd Lamb Park {pt. 1}

Recently I went to Floyd Lamb Park in Las Vegas with my son and my mother since it had been awhile since our last time there and he had never been before. The park is maybe 30 minutes away from our house but definitely worth it I think. The last time that I was there they had horses and other animals but we didn't see any there this time. All that we saw were a ton of geese (watch where you step, eww) and ducks. But it was so nice to get away and be surrounded by green grass and trees instead of concrete and buildings.

There are so many photos that I want to share with you but they would make this post go on forever. So instead I am breaking them up into 3 different posts so it will hopefully be easier on loading time and not take forever scrolling through them.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for pt 2
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