Floyd Lamb Park {pt. 2}

Another installment of my 3 part series from my latest trip to Las Vegas's Floyd Lamb Park. If you missed part one you can view it here. These old buildings are so cool to me and it lets me enjoy the older era for a little while. I've always preferred older eras rather than the modern age. I had meant to put this up yesterday but I ended up taking the day to work on school work and be with my son.
Love the sun through the clouds & trees.
This building was really cool looking.
Some kind of fueling area if I remember right.
Where's Oscar the Grouch? :)
I love stairways and paths. Something so cool about them
Possible old horse barn?
My boy watching all of the ducks & geese swimming.
Something so cool about them swimming.
Actually asked if I could take their picture, lol.
No clue as to what type of bird it was but he reminds me of some grouchy old man watching all of the young ones. 

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  1. just found your blog! these pics are super cute! looks like ya'll had a great trip!


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