Floyd Lamb Park {pt. 3}

So I am finally now getting my last images posted from our day out at Floyd Lamb Park. It was such a lovely day even if it was a tad on the warm side. Have I mentioned how much I hate the heat? But it was a great day and I'm so glad I took my camera with me so I could document another one of my son's first times doing something. It is always so much fun to watch his face when he see's something for the first time and how it lights up.

I hope my memories from that day stay with me for ever but I will always have these pictures to spark them up if they ever start to fade. Plus when my son is older I get to show these to him so he can experience it all over again as I am probably sure he will forget in the years to come. I think the best part of the day, which I sadly didn't get captured in an image, was when the parks sprinklers were on and braving the goose poop and puddles while wearing sandals my son and I ran freely and joyously through them. We held hands as we did laughing the whole time and just enjoying ourselves. It was definitely a great moment.

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  1. Beautiful photos!! And I'm sure even more beautiful memories from that day :)


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