Day Trip to the Lake

About 2 weeks ago my mom and I took my little boy to the lake for the very first time. He's 3 and a half and we hadn't even been which is beyond crazy. But then I have lived here for almost 20 years and I have only been to the lake twice. One of those times was just to watch the sunrise to. Absolutely crazy in my book if you ask me. But me being me I of course took a bunch of photos and even filmed some videos so I thought I would share a few with you.

Little Mr. Buckethead. 
A bucket from the 99cent store turned out to be the perfect sun shade accessory :)

Caught him right in the middle of taking a bite I think. 
He looks so silly. 

Okay, I know I look absolutely dreadful in this picture but I for some reason had to take one of me hiding under his blanket. No matter how much sunscreen I use I burn. 

He was a bit wary to get in and play at first but once he warmed up to it I couldn't get him out of it. 
We had a blast splashing at each other.
Oh and my hat, 99cent store as well and it works great. My mom got one in black too :)

I am so glad my mom caught this!
I do this with him here at home all the time and we thought it would be fun to do it in the water.
I just absolutely LOVE this picture.

There are parts in this video where I am talking that I had no idea how windy it ways so I apologize. I also added some music to the non-speaking parts so it wouldn't be dead silence.
I love the main image for this video. He is such a cheeky little money. 


  1. haha, so cute! looks like you had fun!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! We definitely did have fun and I think I had more fun watching him have fun. Definitely think another trip is in order and soon. :)


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