We Got a Puppy!

How cute and adorable is that face? About two weeks ago we went down to the animal shelter/control just to check and see what kind of dogs that they had up for adoption at the time. We weren't really expecting to bring home this little guy but with one little look and a few kisses he stole our hearts.

When we got him he was about 3 months old so he's probably 4 months or close to it now. The people at the shelter and his vet said that he is an Australian Shepherd and Lab mix. I love his coloring and you can't really see them in these photos but he has the cutest little brown freckles across his muzzle that are just too adorable. It took about a day to think of a name for him as I always like choosing names that I enjoy and find fitting for the animal. So after some ideas I finally came up with and got stuck on naming him Casanova. I just thought it was so fitting for him because with his little looks he just steals every woman’s heart that he comes in contact with. We call him Cas for short. 

It's been a year since we've had a dog in the house. My mom had to put her dog of 15 or so years down last August and it really took a toll. After a year she was finally okay with having another dog in the house but not one of her own but she loves on Cas and spoils him with treats. This little guy is my first dog since I was 8 years old. I've always had cats before and still do but its great having a dog. 

Well, it's great and it's also exhausting. With my son who is 3 and the puppy it is definitely like having two kids that fight constantly. And I mean that in they are constantly playing with each other and running around the house. Except Cas has yet to learn how not to put holes in my sons clothing (grrr) and not to play bite so much and my son is still learning how to play with a dog the right way. And I don't think I have ever met a dog that tried to eat EVERYTHING and I mean he tries to eat it all and he chews on everything but his favorite things seem to be my son’s toys of course. It's taken the cats awhile to adjust to him and some are more adjusted than others. Salem is the only young cat and they seem to have become pals but not pals. They run around the house together and Salem bats him in the head which is really quite amusing. I figure they'll be good pals by next year.  

Admittedly I used to laugh at people that would talk to their dogs all weird like but now that I actually own a dog I totally understand it because I do it every day. It just seems to be a natural thing and whenever I look at him I can't help but to talk to him funny. It makes it even better when he perks his ears up and tilts his head with that funny little dog look on his face. And of course with my son who likes to climb in and hog most of my bed, my cat Salem and Casanova I hardly ever have any room to sleep in my own bed which is completely fine because we are one little happy family. 

Do you have a dog?


  1. I love hearing about people adopting. I got my pug from rescue as well. A gal I know is buying an Austrailian Shepard in a couple weeks and paying a thousand for it. I can't help but think of all the animals that could have help. Congrats on your new family member so cute.

    1. Wow! I could not imagine paying that much for an animal. If I did it would be as a donation to somewhere that housed them and could use the money. Adoption is such a great way to go but so hard when they're all standing there looking at you hoping you'll take them home.


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