Goodbye Summer Flowers

As much of a Summer person I am not, one thing I will miss are the flowers. These pretty little things are planted on our route to the local library and are so pretty when they are in bloom. I just love the vibrant yellow and orange colors. It's funny that a Summer flower can remind me so much of Autumn with its coloring. They tend to bloom for a long time since I took this photo in July and they are still going strong. We saw an older gentleman walking to the library the other day and he stopped to smell them which I thought was really cool. It does something good to stop and smell the flowers sometimes.

Will you miss the Summer flowers?


  1. I will miss the flowers. I will not miss the weeding and clean up of the gardens. The fall foliage kinda makes up for it if only for a little while though.

  2. These flowers are so beautiful! Nice capture :)
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