Twinkling Trees: Purell Hand Sanitizer Summer Season Collection Review

Purell Hand Sanitizer Summer Season Collection Review

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 9/18/2013
Product was provided for review on behalf of Purell. 
All opinions are 100% my own.

Last month I reached out to the Purell company asking them which one of their products would be the best for my needs but also one that did not have that overwhelming alcohol scent that many do. The company was more than kind in responding to me but they also sent me these four jelly wrapped sanitizers from their Summer seasonal collection. The packaging alone on these are enough to make me want to use them. The jelly wrapper makes them durable but also very convenient since they attach to anything for when I'm on-the-go which is a major convenience especially when I am in a rush.

I was a little hesitant to try the Ocean Kiss one (blue) because most ocean type scents like candles are too overwhelming for me and have an odd scent to them but I was surprised and delighted when I tried this one out and actually enjoyed its scent. It is a rather refreshing and clean scent but with a hint of musk. If you like musk scents rather than sweet ones than I would definitely recommend this one.

My favorite two are the Sweet Papaya Mango (white) and the Watermelon Splash (pink) ones. I am halfway through the watermelon one and absolutely love it. Both are very sweet smelling but in a mellow and non sickly sweet way. Moonlit Moments (purple) is a very light floral scent much like a toned down perfume would smell like.

The scent of them lasts on my hands for quite a good while and the formula for these is not drying like most sanitizers that I have tried before. I also enjoyed the fact that their individual scents masked the sterile smell of the ethyl alcohol in them. If you are interested in trying these than I suggest you get them while you can since Summer is coming to an end and these will be leaving the markets to make way for Purell's Fall/Winter collection that I cannot wait to try.

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  1. although I do not recall a place in your article where you actually spell it out, your three "NEEDS" as interpret them are 1) smell good 2) don't dry your hands out and 3) sanitation; is this a fair assessment? If sanitation is at least somewhat important, I am curious as to whether the change in formula (different aromas, etc), has any negative effect on it's germ-fighting capability. The Number One job of a hand sanitizer must is fact be it's ability to safely destroy illness-producing microorganisms without harming the skin it's come into contact with, and there must be a very good reason when adding any ingredient that diminishes this. If you have a distinct allergy or adverse effect to the odor of the original products, that that is a matter best pursued with a good allergist or dermatologist. If the formula cannot be altered without reducing it's anti-microbial benefit and the only downfall is a dislike for the smell, than the decisions becomes is protection or fragrance the most important factor for each consumer. Having not seen any data of the kind AT ALL, the question remains at this time a theoretical one, albeit an important one nonetheless.

    Anyway, anyone wishing to clear up the air would be most welcome. Hope this helps.

    ICUAlex RN


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