Halloween Fun Mixed Tape

So, it would definitely be safe to say that my family and I enjoy Halloween but my mom more so than the rest of us. I enjoy the crafting, baking and fun side of it while she likes the spooky side that I run from, lol. But I definitely love some of the music that there is out there that is either strictly Halloween related or kind of goes along with Halloween. So today's post is dedicated to that music with this mixed tape that I made full of my favorite songs for this month. 

Time to get down & funky and a little bit spooooky :)


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    1. Thanks! Halloween is never complete without fun/spooky music :)

  2. 1 sugestion to add to your most excelent mix here...Bach: Toccata and Fugue in D minor very kewl for halloween!!

    1. Oh I cannot believe I forgot about that one. Thanks so much for commenting about it and it has definitely been added :)


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