Twinkling Trees: February 2013

GLOSSYBOX January 2013 - The Man Repeller Box

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 2/24/2013
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     This post is quite late and I am bad for just now getting around to it. But better late than never I always say. January's GLOSSYBOX was late due to their high numbers of boxes being packaged but the contents that I received totally made up for having to wait longer. This was only my second box and even though I was blown away by my first box in December, this box has totally sealed the deal. January's box was The Man Repeller box and boy was it full of some amazing goodies.

GLOSSYBOX "The Man Repeller"

Birchbox February 2013

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 2/20/2013
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     This month's Birchbox is one that I actually liked all of the sample products that I received even though one of them I cannot use. I'll talk about why here in a few. If you missed what I received last month than you can check out that post here. If you're new to my blog and are unsure of what Birchbox is than I'll quickly explain it. For $10 a month (S&H is free) you can get 4-5 sample beauty products from some top name brands sent directly to your front door. Now as I have said in some earlier posts that these products will sometimes be hit & miss depending on what you like but than there are times where you get some really awesome samples.  Check out there website here if you want to learn about their service more.
Please note that I am in no way affiliated with them, I just happen to be addicted to beauty products

Enjoying Some Sunshine

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 2/19/2013
     70 degrees outside with no wind & the sun is shinning brightly. These are my second favorite types of days. Since we live in the desert I try to be outside as much as possible when we have super nice weather. The other day was no exception and my son and I were outside attempting to cover the driveway in chalk. For some reason he has me draw and than he comes along and plays in my drawings. I think he has seen Marry Poppins one too many times lol. If only we could hop into a chalk painting and go play in a different world if only for a little while. I of course took my camera outside with me and thought I would share a few of my favorite images.

 This picture is super cute in my opinion. He's a cute little bugger. 

Travel & Sample Sized Empties

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 2/09/2013
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     Finishing up products is always a love & hate relationship for me. I always get a feeling of accomplishment when something gets put into the empties bin and it makes room in my ever growing basket of samples. But than I hate using them up because now they're gone and many of them are expensive. But at least it's a great way to find out what I like and would never spend money on.

Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 2/07/2013
     Got a craving for something chocolaty? I know I did the other night when I made these chocolate covered graham crackers. These are super easy and a great way to get the kid(s) involved with the decorating. Warning: They are really addicting.

Homemade Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers

Full-Sized Empties

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 2/04/2013
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Apparently I've turned into a hoarder of empties. I had so many that splitting them up into two different videos seemed like a better plan than having one jumbo long video. It seems that I like trying out many different mascara's