Enjoying Some Sunshine

Enjoying Some Sunshine
     70 degrees outside with no wind & the sun is shinning brightly. These are my second favorite types of days. Since we live in the desert I try to be outside as much as possible when we have super nice weather. The other day was no exception and my son and I were outside attempting to cover the driveway in chalk. For some reason he has me draw and than he comes along and plays in my drawings. I think he has seen Marry Poppins one too many times lol. If only we could hop into a chalk painting and go play in a different world if only for a little while. I of course took my camera outside with me and thought I would share a few of my favorite images.

 This picture is super cute in my opinion. He's a cute little bugger. 

 Salem looking off into the neighbor yard across the streets. He has been adventuring further from home than I like. Hasn't he gotten huge since I first introduced him in this post?

 My lil boy is so silly. This picture just cracks me up every time I look at it. 

I really cannot stand palm trees because of all the bugs that live in them and they really aren't pretty at all to me but they always remind me of back home. *sigh*

Okay, this is an absolutely horrible picture of me but I thought it was funny because it looks as if the palm tree is coming out of my ear. Yeah I'm a dork I know. lol. 

This is my Seal-point Siamese cat named Crookshanks. Yes he is named after Hermione's cat in the Harry Potter series. Either that night or the next day one of my neighbors trapped him and dropped him off at the animal control shelter. Thankfully I had him chipped as a kitten so I got him back but I had to pay to get my own cat that was catnapped back. Ridiculous.

He is very animated when it comes to his attempting to blow bubbles. Just love how chubby his cheeks are. 

What do you do when the weather is nice outside?
Hopscotch anyone?
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