Las Vegas Divas Day Out | I Met Ian Ziering & Mark Ballas

I got to meet Ian Ziering from Beverly Hills 90210

First off can I just say I got to meet Ian Ziering. Holy freaking cow that was awesome. For ten years I grew up watching Beverly Hills 90210 and I still watch it to this day. It is by far one of my top favorite shows of all time. It was so amazing to meet him and I was most excited to meet him out of everyone. He is by far the nicest and most humble man and celebrity I have ever met. I was super giddy afterwards and not because I met a celebrity but because I met someone that even though it was through a tv show, he was a part of something that made the 90's to me and a part of my younger years.

My bubba boy with the race car from our race track here in town.

The Diva's Tina Turner, Madonna, and I'm not sure who

The Diva's Britney Spears & Katy Perry

The Diva Cher 

I got to meet Mark Ballas from Dancing with the Stars

Ok, so I guess I should talk about where I was eh. This past Saturday my mom & I oh and my little dude (he really didn't want to be there) went to the largest free women's convention/gathering type thing here in town. It's called Divas Day Out and was held at the Southpoint hotel & casino. They have vendor booths, the Divas from Frank Marino's show here in town (obviously since I have a few pictures of them up above lol) some guys from Thunder from Down Under and a few celebrities. It's fun to walk around and see what type of vendors are out there and the shows that go on at the stage in the middle. Just so long as you don't get squashed by all of the people because it can get very tight at times.

There was one show on the stage from the local exercise place here in town called Jazzercise. They were really good and were women and one man of different ages and sizes. My mom and I want to go do it now after seeing them because it looks like so much fun. It's definitely exercise since they were sweating buckets but it looked like so much fun. There was also a fashion show, a dog show from a foster adopting service showing the dogs that they had and some other performances that I missed.

I did however get to see the guys from Thunder from Down Under perform a skit from their show at the Excalibur hotel & casino. It was cool to watch until I found out first hand what type of guys they are. Afterwards they were at their booth signing autographs on their posters and with a line of people standing there waiting, myself included, they all just got up and left. One of the guys just looked in our direction, smirked at us and walked off. I was definitely not impressed with them after that. They might be decent to look at but their attitudes make them unattractive I think. But I didn't let that mess up our good day.

It really was a good day and I'm glad that we did end up going. My mom's birthday was on the 23rd and she wanted to go to this for her birthday. She said she had a good time which I really hope she did because I did. I ended up coming home with so many fliers, pamphlets, samples and things from the events. I think that is one of my favorite things about going. But also when we were checking out the vendors I found one that I am so glad I did. It's for a homeschooling program that I am really considering putting my kiddo into. The have a preschool program as well so I wouldn't have to wait but there are real teachers that he would have and they even do field trips. Definitely another plus about going. And whenever I go to events where there are vendor booths it just makes me want to start my own and I finally think I am going to work on my own since I have planning on one for awhile now.

I hope you had a fun Saturday as well!
Xo, Kimberly

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