Motivational Monday #1

Monday's, a day of disgust, not wanting to roll out of bed for work, school, or just in general. The day that many of us have the Garfield the cat syndrome. He always despises Monday's and there are quite a few comics about it as well like this one.

Since one of my goals this year is to stay motivated what better series of posts to start than Motivational Monday's to combat the Garfield syndrome and we can all stay motivated together.

This image was was created on my phone using the Rhonna Designs app. 

If you happen to follow me on Instagram then you might have seen me post a different image but with this same quote. While this quote most likely pertains to the dreams that come to us in our sleep I view it as the dreams that we dream up throughout our life of the goals that we want to achieve. Those are the type of dreams that fuel our every waking moment.

Never stop dreaming about what you want in life, what you want to do for a career or even if you are dreaming about one day getting a fancy new piece of technology or even a brand new car. No matter what you are dreaming of never stop.

Dreams are one of the many things that keep us moving forward and working towards achievements. Even if a dream seems far off and hard to reach never forget it or lose sight of it because you never know what the future holds and your future just might include that dream.

Sometimes writing them down and putting them where you can see them everyday can be motivating to keep working towards them. Keeping a journal is a good thing to write in so years down the road you can look back and see if you did reach your dreams or it can also help you regain sight of some that you might have given up on. Whatever method you use to keep your dreams in sight just be sure to never stop dreaming and keep adding new dreams to your list.

I hope this is a good start to Motivational Monday's and that you have a lovely week.

Tell me in the comments if you get the Garfield syndrome. I'd love to know that I'm not the only one.

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