Motivational Monday #2

Hello lovelies!

Are you bummed that today is Monday and that the weekend has come again? If so then have no fear Motivational Monday is here. Today is all about being an extraordinary person.

Maybe you're feeling a bit down on yourself today and like you are nothing special but an ordinary person. Well let me tell you that you couldn't be more wrong. Every single person is extraordinary in their own way. But it helps to be yourself and not trying to imitate someone else. They are extraordinary for their own reasons and you are for yours. You just need to be yourself and let your inner beauty and light shine.

Never think that you are or should ever be ordinary. Always be yourself and extraordinary even if it means people thinking you are weird. I would rather be extraordinary and weird than be ordinary and like a sheep herding along with my fellow sheeps.

Remember, you are a beautifully extraordinary person in the ways that make you so.

Have a wonderful Monday and a great start to your week.
Xo, Kimberly

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