Crazy Days & A Sick Boy

The past few days have been absolutely crazy, emotional and filled with worry. My son, who is only 4, started out with having just a mild cough and a fever about 5 days ago. Well that cough got incredibly worse and his fever would not break no matter how many times throughout the day he got Tylenol. I can't alternate between Tylenol and Motrin since he is allergic so we had to make do with Tylenol and hope it worked.

After fighting to stay awake he finally took a nap the other day. 
I tried to make him as comfy as possible.

Well needless to say it didn't work. He just kept getting worse and didn't want to eat anything and became the grumpiest and most unhappy little dude ever. Definitely not like him. Three nights ago his fever got too high for my liking so I whisked him off to the late night pediatrics where they did 2 swab tests to see if he had the flu or strep throat. The came back saying he had strep throat and gave me a prescription for amoxicillin for him to take. 2 days later and it just seemed like he was getting worse.

Yesterday I watched his breathing which seemed too labored and I thought to myself of all the times I had strep throat when I was a kid I don't ever remember having a seriously nasty cough with it. My mommy senses were telling me something wasn't right. I checked his temperature and that too high for my liking fever was back. Instead of taking him back to the late night pediatrician I decided the hospital was a better choice and I am so glad I made it.

Showing me the cool yellow booties that the nurse gave him as well as the stickers that he got for being so good when he got the antibiotic shot. 
Once they got us in they checked him over and took him for a chest x-ray. I was worried that his cough was going to mean pneumonia and when the doctor came back he told me that I was right for worrying and that he did have pneumonia and not strep throat. I couldn't believe it. I've never heard of strep throat turning into pneumonia unless that other doctor diagnosed him wrong. They gave him a shot of antibiotics, some Tylenol and sent us home with a prescription for more antibiotics. I hate that my poor baby is this sick and it's been scaring the bejeezus out of me. Hopefully this new medication will kick in fast and make him better so I can have my little boy back. I'd rather have him running around like a monkey then see him ill and not happy.

After a late night at the hospital and only a few hours of sleep him & I passed out on the couch this afternoon. He's so cute. 
But I learned something important last night. To always trust my mommy senses.
I hope things have been less sick like and crazy in your house.
xo, Kimberly

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