A Morning Out At Bonnie Springs Ranch

One of the many pictures that I took of Red Rock Canyon and it's neighboring mountains as we drove.

Sunday was a very fun, exciting & long day. After waking up at 7am, on a Sunday mind you, my mom, E (my son) & I headed out to event but once we got there we found out that the place didn't open until 3 hours later. I had gotten my dates & times mixed up and so made us all wake up for nothing. But instead of heading back home we decided to take a drive on out to the Bonnie Springs Ranch and see what they had going on. 

I caught this gorgeous green headed little guy just as he had landed into the man made pond that they have in front of their restaurant. 

Turtles galore. I have never seen so many turtles in one place at a time. Wonder if any of them are related to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, lol.

The guy on the rock was my main focus for this shot and I didn't even see the other one at the bottom of the rock until I started editing it.

Seeing as how I am Twinkling Trees, there's gotta be a picture of a tree in here somewhere :)

This little guy was so cute but not sure if he was friendly or not. While we were walking around he came running out of the barn by the horses so we turned around and walked the other way. He then decided to escort us and just stopped and stood there so I took this of him. 

I cannot believe how amazing this shot came out and I did not even edit it at all. He was so beautiful and just sat perched on a fence. Such a beautiful shade of blue!

He is such a little ham and always wants his picture taken.

E had such a jolly good time playing on this bridge and acting all goofy like.

These bathroom doors are both cute and funny. The inside was just about as crazy as the outside.

How would you like this guy hanging above your head or staring at you while you ate? A bit too creepy for my liking. 

This guy was dancing for his lady friend and this was the best shot I could get of him. He would turn his backside all the way around but not the front of him. They are absolutely gorgeous when the sun hits their feathers.

This animal statue totem was just too darn cute not to take a picture of and share. 

When we arrived it was still rather early and nothing but the restaurant was open. So we walked around and checked things and animals out. There was tons of feathery friends of all types there along with a bull that I could not understand why he had a hoop through his nose and a bunch of horses. We stopped in at the restaurant to see what they had to offer and honestly I would eat before you go and not stop there. For my drink, E's drink and my moms coffee and breakfast it cost $19. A bit on the expensive side for my liking and I could not imagine the bill for a full load of meals. 

They still had about half an hour until they opened so we ended up leaving. They have a zoo but the prices were a bit on the high side plus they had a huge banner that said that they are a non-profit zoo and according to our knowledge from working with one they can't charge people to get in if they are non-profit. So not sure how they are going about that. In the end it was still fun to check out what we did see and eventually we'll go back but preferably when everything is open.

I would love to know what you did over the weekend. Let me know in the comments below.

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