Disney's "The Muppets Most Wanted" Movie Review


Kermit the Frog
Rizzo the Rat
Miss Piggy 
Fozzie Bear
The Great Gonzo 
Pepe the King Prawn 
Rowlf the Dog 
The Swedish Chef 
Bobo the Bear 
Ricky Gervais
Ty Burrell
Tina Fey

Rating: PG
Runtime: 112 min

For a few days now I have been asking myself, self how do I write this review? What am I going to say? For once I am pretty stumped for words. I honestly have no idea what to write in this review which is a first. 

Why? Because I honestly did not like this movie and neither did my 4 year old. I was provided with 2 passes to the press premiere of this movie courtesy of Disney and Olson Communications, Inc so I took the kiddo with me. I didn't think we were going to make it since it was a 10am showing and we got there after the time that press is supposed to be there. But there was hardly anyone in the theater. Just a couple handful of people surprisingly. 

Well, I was ready to leave not far into the movie and if the seats had been comfortable I totally would have taken a nap. I thought the kiddo was enjoying it but then about maybe an hour into the movie he asked if we could leave and go home and continued to ask me until the movie was over. Even though I didn't like it I wanted to see the rest of it. 

I remember watching The Muppets when I was younger but then as I got older I started to not care for them and some of them began freaking me out they were so weird looking. I didn't really like the last Muppet movie either so my review will probably be different than someone that actually loves the Muppets. But then when a 4 year old doesn't like it that is saying something. He said it was boring and has no desire to see it again. 

The storyline I completely get but it was lacking to me. I'm not sure what but it just felt like it was. It kinda felt rushed and pushed like they were trying too hard to make a sequel to the last one but didn't put enough thinking into the process. I think most of us can agree that since Jim Henson died these movies just haven't felt the same. Or at least to me they haven't. 

Sorry this is such a horrible review but I'm not sure of what else to see except we didn't like it. Like I've been telling my friends that asked about it "Don't take my word for it. Go see it and judge it for yourself. You just might have a better opinion on it than I did." If you have seen it I would love it if you tell me what you thought about it in the comments below. 

I was provided with two free passes to this movie for review purposes. My thoughts are 100% my own. 
Images provided courtesy of olson Communications, Inc. 

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