DreamWorks Pictures "NEED FOR SPEED" Movie Review


Aaron Paul ... Tobey Marshall
Dominic Cooper ... Dino Brewster
Imogen Poots ... Julia Maddon
Scott Mescudi ... Benny
Rami Malek ... Finn
Ramon Rodriguez ... Joe Peck
Harrison Gilbertson ... Little Pete
Dakota Johnson ... Anita
Stevie Ray Dallimore ... Bill Ingram
Michael Keaton ... Monarch

Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 130 min

Oh My Gosh! Wow! Holy Guacamole! Enter many many more adjective words to fully describe the awesomeness that is this movie. Thanks to Olson Communications, Inc. myself and a guest were invited to the press screening of this movie in 3D and after seeing this movie I was very happy that I was.

Even though NEED FOR SPEED is titled after the very popular line of video games I wasn't too sure about it. With the other wildly popular series of car racing movies I thought this movie might be subpar to it yet trying to make a new series of itself. So going into the theater I honestly wasn't expecting anything too great but boy did everyone that worked on this movie make me eat my own words.

NEED FOR SPEED is a serious adrenaline rushing movie that was full of moments that made me laugh, gasp and at a time or two shed a tear. It was definitely written exquisitely well and gives the viewer a full range of emotions with its action packed moments that are fueled by a heartbreaking yet warming storyline. there wasn't a moment in the movie that made me question why anything was happening because everything just made sense. The romantic moments in the movie even fit in and flowed throughout it perfectly instead of giving off the feeling that they were just crammed in there to add that extra bit of something.

The banter that goes on between the guys is pretty hilarious and main female lead was pretty on the funny side as well. I was very happy that she became a leading player in the storyline instead of just having a few minutes towards the beginning of the film. I knew something drastic was going to happen pretty early on in the movie but it was still emotional to me because the actors all played their roles well and gave on that sense that they were tightly knitted together. It's definitely an emotionally fueled movie since it does become about getting revenge on Toby's rival and fixing a wrong that should never have happened yet sadly did.

The 3D aspects of the movie had me jumping and squealing. From the car crashes to things flying out at me and something jumping in my face making a very loud noise it was definitely interesting. I'm personally not a huge fan of 3D movies since they sometimes hurt my eyes but it was definitely interesting seeing how aspects of a racing movie could be done in 3D.

There is mild swearing throughout the movie and no nudity at all. As a mother I would definitely let my son watch this movie and find it suitable for a younger audience. There is nothing gruesome or scary in the movie, just a lot of action. the only thing that might be hard for the little ones, especially mine, is how loud the movie is at times during all of the car crash scenes.

I'm already planning on going to see this movie again myself since I enjoyed it so much but not in 3D. Since I saw the movie this past Tuesday it's all i've been talking about and how much I loved it and normally for most movies I'm not like that unless they overly impress me which it did. Plus it didn't hurt that the cars were gorgeous and the lead actor Aaron Paul was not bad to look at for the whole two hours & a whopping ten minutes which didn't even feel like that long. I definitely recommend this movie if you are wanting to see something on the scale of pretty awesome this weekend.

I was provided with two free passes to this movie for review purposes. My thoughts are 100% my own. 

If you've seen the movie let me know what you thought about it in the comments below :)

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