A Car Show & Heritage Festival

Saturday our city held a Heritage festival & parade along with a car show. We missed the parade but managed to get out there to check out the car show and see what else was going on. This event wasn't as big as they normally are but it was still a nice day to get out of the house and see what it was all about and it just so happens that I did some vlogging while we were there. But first, here are some pictures of some pretty cool looking cars starting with my dream car.  
My dream car and my silly little monkey makes for one awesome picture. They had some beautiful old classic cars which I think a car show is all about. I'm not too into newer cars and have always prefered the classics. The first car I ever bought was an old classic and I miss her.

What do you think of car shows? Are you a fan of newer cars or of the old classics? 10 points if you're a fan of the classics like I am :) Thanks for visiting today and checking out our fun Saturday out. Be sure to visit again soon as I have more posts planned for the week. 

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