A Cloudy Day at the Park

E has had so much energy lately that I figured a few hours at the park was in order so he could run it all off. Little did I know that when he got home he wouldn't be tired but still had so much energy that he made me sleepy. It was a nice day out here in the desert yesterday though. The sky was seriously overcast which is my favorite kind of day. It was a bit chilly due to the slight wind but it was a lovely day. He played on the playground and made some new friends while I did some reading and picture taking. We took his bike but the paths are dirt paths that are full of rocks which were not easy for him to peddle through. So one bike trip to see the ducks and bike to the playground it was. That picture taking that I said I did, well I thought I would share my favorite pictures from the day with you all. 

 This little guy greeted us as we made our way from the car to the park.

I really like this picture & pretty sure I looked funny taking it. It was far in the grass & we were on the path way so I squatted down as far as possible without laying down. Yes, I probably could have walked up to it but what's the fun in that :) 

My E is one silly & adorable little monkey.
See that pinecone behind him? That's the same one from the picture above. 

I'm rather fascinated by these bottle brush flowers. They are pretty yet strange looking like they should be in some kind of sci fi movie or something. Looking at these pictures it seems like I'm some kind of bird watcher lady, lol but I just think they are pretty cool to photograph when they are standing still and doing something interesting. I'll probably be the crazy bird watching cat lady when I'm old hahaha.

How was your Friday afternoon?

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