The Las Vegas Container Park

Many of my friends had been talking about this new place that was built in downtown Las Vegas called the Container Park and I had no idea what it was only that everyone said it was an awesome place. Finally after many of them telling me to take E and check it out I decided to look it up and planned a day for us to make a trip down there. And of course while we were there I just happened to take a few er quite a few pictures :)

 tada we're here

A close up of the giant heart that E was in front of. I love this and it's awesomeness. 

I love these business banners that hang outside. Makes finding where you want to go that much easier and check out the Disney banner. They have a Disney Fine Art Studio in there with some amazing pieces. 

Who doesn't love a candy shoppe with an old fashioned vibe and candy?

This treehouse is like 3 stories high with 2 slides, stairs up the certain of the tree and some really steep ones at that. E went up the stairs once & refuses to do it again because of his fear of heights.

A shameless selfie inside one of the shops. For some reason I just had to take my picture in the mirror. I thought it was pretty cool looking. 

My little model.

In the kid's area where the treehouse is located they have a game but they also have these jumbo blue blocks that the kids use to build all sorts of things. 

I had to get one of him and I with the big heart since this little guy means the absolute world to me.

And to top his day off he got to eat his rock candy on a stick in the car ride home.

I actually really rather like this place a part from a few things. The kids in the play area can get quite a bit mean and rude especially to the little ones like E and I had to go all momma cat on a few. There's only one person supervising the area who is stationed at the entrance and is always distracted. I do like from what I saw that that they make sure the kids have parents with them and don't leave without them. 

The stores are really small and I mean really small. Only a few people can be in one at a time and there's no way you could take a stroller into one. Aside from the Candy shop my other favorite shop is the Art Box which sells nothing but handmade items from people here in the city. 

Oh and I have to mention that the tables and chairs that they have around the place absolutely suck. They are so light and not very sturdy that E was sitting in one and properly I might add, that when he moved the whole chair toppled forward knocking him into the table. It did this twice and the second time he ended up busting his lip pretty badly and everyone around us just stared at him bleeding & crying while I was gathering him up to rush him to the bathroom to wash it out. After that happened I won't let him sit on the chair and instead have him sit on my lap. I just don't trust the things. 

All in all we enjoyed the place and have gone back a few times after this visit. The one day that we went there was even a balloon artists there who was beyond awesome. He was so great to E and all of the other kids and made E a balloon Iron Man and even turned it into a hat for him when he asked. The one shop that they need though is for kids stuff, toys, etc since there are so many kids there until the place turns 21 and over at 9pm. It's definitely a decent place to check out and is even within walking distance of the Fremont Street Experience which is cool. 

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