Saturday at The Shark Reef Aquarium

Saturday was a good which was really nice since Friday wasn't a good day at all. There was a dinosaur exhibit in town that I was going to take E to but after looking at some videos we decided not to go because of how loud they were. He has super sensitive hearing ever since he had to have tubes put in his ears 3 years ago. So after looking around online he decided that he wanted to go to The Shark Reef which is at the Mandalay Bay Casino here in town. I used to work there back in 2008 and have seen it many times but he wanted to go and when you're 4 giant aquariums are pretty awesome. They don't charge kids 4 and under so I only had to pay for myself & since I'm a local I got $3 off the regular price of $18 which was pretty cool. I ♥ documenting the things that we do & sharing them with you guys so here are the quite a few pictures from our day.

We spent quite awhile in the Neptune's Fury with the big sharks since E wanting to just sit and watch them. I actually did pretty good because normally I freak out in there with them and being surrounded by water but this time I was actually pretty calm. Probably because I was enjoying watching him have a good time. After this we did some grocery shopping and then went to the local outdoor movies on the grass down the street from our house. It was a pretty good day/night.

Thanks for stopping by on this sunny Monday! I'd love to hear how your Saturday was and if you did anything fun and exciting as well.

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