A Beautiful Rainy Day in the Neighborhood

Rainy days are the happiest days around here. On the rare occasions that it does rain here in Vegas we become the "odd" neighbors because we are always outside dancing and playing in it when to us it's a perfectly normal thing to do.

Yesterday it rained pretty much all day and was such a glorious day with the gray overcast skies and the wonderful smells that only come out in the rain. When there was a small break we went for a walk to enjoy it completely and to see what beauty there was to take pictures of. It's amazing the things you see when your eyes are open to see them. Like a little gargoyle sitting by someones front door, or a random rock collection just laying out on a fence and even the lonely pinecone that is really rather pretty looking.

We even made friends with our neighbors cat and ran across another cat that watched us or rather my dog Casanova very carefully and didn't budge at all. It just reminded me of an owl rotating its head the whole time. I can't wait until we eventually move to where it'll rain more often than it does here but until then I'm going to thoroughly enjoy these days because for us, rainy days equals happy days.

Do you prefer rainy days like us or sunshine?

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