Happy Friday everyone and a good Friday it is at that. This quote just so happens to be from one of the greatest fictional characters in my vast collection of books. It's by Professor Albus Dumbledore himself and it just so happens that as I type this I'm watching a Harry Potter movie. The Goblet of Fire to be exact and if you hadn't guessed yet, yes I am a Potterhead and proud to be one.

Ok, so back to the quote. I believe that if you live without dreams you are not entirely living. Dreams give you a sense of purpose, hope and something to strive for because normally you want your dreams to come true. Yet sometimes, if you're like me, you tend to believe that you will not be lucky enough to have those dreams come true but I say "STOP that type of thinking" because your dreams CAN come true. You just have to believe in them, yourself and turn that dream into an accomplishable goal.

After years of trying to accomplish my dream of becoming an Esthetician and trying to do so with two previous schools I thought it would continue being a dream. That it would never happen even though it is something that I have had so much interest in and have wanted to do for years. I finally got a few things working in my favor and decided to try one more time with a different school that offers everything that I want and as of yesterday I am officially enrolled to begin my 9 month long training to become a licensed Esthetician starting next month. I am beyond excited and cannot wait for this new journey in life. Not to mention turning my dream into a goal and accomplishing it.

So anything can happen just so long as you put effort into accomplishing it.

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