Have I mentioned before how much I love this time of year? Well if I haven't I am now. I absolutely love it and I love all of the festivities that come with it as I am naturally a very festive person and it's something that I would love to pass on to my son and so far it seems to be working. Each weekend this month I am attempting to do something fun, festive and Halloween related with him so as to celebrate the major holiday of this month rather than just the one day especially since he can't really enjoy it because he's highly allergic to nuts and cannot eat the candy that he gets trick or treating.

So this past Saturday we went on our first outing of the month and it was seriously worth it and more. We had planned on going to the Bellagio casino to check out their festive flower display but ended up going to this place called the McKee Ranch for their 9th annual festive pumpkin patch. This was the first year that we had ever gone to it let alone heard of it and I am so glad that the other mom's in my local facebook group suggested it as not only did my son have fun but my mother and myself had a lot of fun as well. As always, I was equipped with my camera and took tons of pictures yet had a hard time picking out a select few to share with you. So.....I am of course sharing quite a few instead because there are just too many that I really enjoy and want to share.

I know that was a ton of pictures but I enjoyed them so much and this place was seriously so much fun and the three of us spent a good couple of hours there. It was so nice to drive away from the crowded city and enjoy some good old fashioned fun. My mom and I felt a bit like we were back home in California enjoying Knotts Berry Farm the way it used to be years ago when it was more country than what it is like now.

Watching my sons face light up at everything was so enjoyable and the fact that he was seriously into everything and wanted to check this out or that out and never once said he was bored or wanted to go home made it so much better. When we finally did leave he was not wanting to go at all and wanted to hang out there longer. Keeping his 4 year old little attention span interested can often times be hard to do but this trip was a success. We loved feeding the animals which is something that he did for the very first time and absolutely loved it even when the chickens pecked his fingers trying to get the crackers that we were feeding them. He never once waivered and just laughed about it and kept right on feeding them. I think we both loved feeding the horses the most though. They were so beautiful and such sweet hearts and loved the carrots that we had brought for them and let us all pet each one of them. I'm now waiting for the "Can I have a horse" question to come soon.

Another first that my kiddo did was he got his face painted. It doesn't seem like a big deal but it was as he has always been freaked about having it done just like he used to be about feeding animals but I guess that he was having so much fun that he threw his woes into the manure and enjoyed himself. I could talk about this place for a good long while because there is just so much to say because there is just so much to look at and do. Plus there are tons of animals everywhere to check out, pet and even though the bunnies are skittish they might sniff you or take a little carrot so long as your son doesn't get too excited about it.

During the rest of the year the McKee Ranch hosts western fun parties but this one month out of the year has got to be the funniest of all. They might even start doing something for Christmas which could be awesome and I'm going to be watching their Facebook page to see if they do. The price to get in is great and extremely reasonable as it is only a $20 donation per family of any size that goes to the upkeep of the animals. You also get to chose any one pumpkin of your choice out of the many that are all over the ranch and you can buy more if you would like for an extra five dollars. They even offer buckets of carrots and bread for $1 so you can feed the animals if you didn't bring any with you. Of course like I said they had a face painter out there along with a food vendor and they also offer a free hay ride and for an additional $5 they offer pony rides. They have benches in a shady area where you can either eat or play the jumbo game of checkers that's on the table and they have photographers in one little area that will dress you or the kids up in some cute clothes and take some adorable pictures so long as you go when the sun is still out as they close at 8pm.

I can't believe it took us so long to learn about this place but I'm glad that we did and I hope they get more notice because this is definitely some good wholesome family festive fun and we can't wait to go again. 

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  1. What an adorable place! All of those vignettes... so whimsical and captivating. I think any child would love it there. We used to go to a place that was similar, although not as large, when my girls were little. It was a lot of fun, and the perfect fall outing. I miss the days of having little ones around as my "excuse" to enjoy fun places like this.. maybe next weekend I should borrow-a-child?


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