I don't know what it's like to date in other cities but I'm sure it's got to be the same as it is here in Las Vegas. Simply "IT SUCKS". And of course you are probably thinking to yourself as you read this "yeah, it sucks here too" and I don't doubt you that it does. Dating in general pretty much just sucks in my opinion but that might have something to do with where I live. Let's just take a second to think about Las Vegas for a moment shall we. 

Las Vegas is a city that is focused on gambling, drinking, tourists, strip clubs and "beautiful people" that are either buff & ripped or young & skinny. It is a very stereotyped city and when it comes to what a beautiful person looks like, it has some seriously unrealistic standards. I believe everyone is beautiful or handsome but I don't think that there should but a set "type" of person that is when everyone is. For the normal and average person, it can be a bit hard to contend with. People are always keeping their options open here for the "next best thing" or person rather and it's really quite sad. 

For those that are into the whole partying scene then downtown on the Las Vegas strip there is an abundance of people to chose from. You have the many dance clubs inside of the casinos that host hundreds of people that are looking to "get lucky" and since most of them are tourists they never have to worry about seeing that person again. It's an appealing lifestyle for many here but for those of us that want something real and meaningful, it's not exactly the best way to meet the man or woman of your dreams. I mean you could meet someone, have an amazing night and think that s/he is the one for them only for them to fly back to wherever they came from. 

You've got the online dating sites like Plenty of Fish (my miss-adventures there could be a whole other blog post) that is apparently the locals place for the quick & easy shall we say. Not a nice thing but it seems to be the truth of the thing. And of course it's not another way to meet Mr. Right (if he even exists) and is more like a way to meet Mr. Right Now, Mr. Wrong and Mr. Hell No. You always know that when you are dating someone they are most likely dating someone else along with you and generally speaking, you should be to until you enter a monogamous relationship I think. But who wants to be on a dating site knowing that the guy that you're talking to and rather interested in is spending more time picking up how many more girls on that site then he is getting to know you. That annoying "online now" sign next to their profile can be so frustrating that you just want to find the switch and turn it off. Your special someone could possibly be found on there but I have yet to see his profile or know of anyone having a happy and healthy relationship from online dating.

Did I mention the visual competition that you have to contend with when you're on a date here? Nope, I think I forgot that. By visual competition I mean the women that are dancing around tables barely clothed, the cocktail waitresses that are wearing what looks like thong underwear and high heels, the midriff showing, boobs to her nose bartender and any other half clothed women in this city. Because remember, Vegas is based off of sexual appeal. Now when you're on a date, not only are you in a competition with the other woman or women that he is most likely dating as well but you are also in a visual competition with these women on your own freaking date. Because honestly, any straight guy that says he doesn't look at a half naked woman dancing around is most likely a liar or is completely and utterly happy in his relationship. There's absolutely nothing wrong with looking because I'd say 98% do it but when it's on your date, it pretty much just sucks. Imagine that you're sitting there having a conversation with the guy and he keeps craning his neck to check out some other woman that looks like she's in her underwear. You're most likely the marrying, take home to momma kind of woman but when minimally dressed eye candy goes walking by, you'll most likely find your dates eyes and attention wandering. I find that if a guy's like that with me on our first few dates then he's not the one for me.

Normally, on any other day I have no issues with any of this but when it comes to dating, I find it all absolutely frustrating. As if dating already didn't make me nauseous enough I now have all of this crap to deal with. You could be reading this and nodding along and agreeing with me about how sucky all of this is or you might be thinking that I'm a prude and should lighten up or if I was more appealing and entertaining I wouldn't have to go through this. Well, I'm far from a prude and if I lightened up anymore I'd be one of those too bright light bulbs that burns your eyes. I may have my rather dull moments (who doesn't) but when out the last thing I am is boring and I like to think that I am appealing and that I don't need to walk around in my underwear to be so. There's just unfortunately different forms of competition in this city along with multiple different types of mentalities. Not sure if I would call it a good thing but thankfully I'm not alone in this as many of my friends (male and female) endure the same things dating wise. It sucks but like my mom always said, you have to kiss a bunch of toads before you meet a frog. Just don't get warts in the process.

I'd love to know in the comments what the dating scene is like where you live. is dating where you live an easy feat or is it just as sucky as it is here in sin city? If you live in Las Vegas as well I'd definitely enjoy knowing what you think and if you agree or disagree with me. If you happen to disagree with me then please, tell me where I should be going to meet the nice guys because I haven't figured it out yet.

Thanks for stopping by & until next time, stay the awesome person that you are my twinkling friend. 


  1. I can't imagine having to date these days. I met my hubby in college so I was lucky but one of my best friends is still in the dating scene in Pittsburgh, PA and she said it is so hard, especially now when she's in that weird age of meeting guys who are divorced or just want to settle immediately and neither is her. Good luck with your hunt :)

  2. Dating in Vegas has gotta be tough, wish you all the best.


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