Ethel M's Chocolate Factory Cactus Garden

If you didn't know already, we have an Ethel M's chocolate factory here in Las Vegas (well it's technically in Henderson) which is pretty cool. And outside of the factory there is a cactus garden that you can walk around for free and check out all of the different varieties of cactuses that is there and there are quite a few. 
During Christmas they completely decorate the cactus garden into a beautiful place full of lights and decorations. Me being twinkling trees and having my obsession with them I absolutely love going there. It's absolutely beautiful and who can beat something free, pretty and fun to do. We went the other night and I just thought that I would share some of the video that I taped from it. It is a bit wobbly from my walking and filming but it's still pretty and my son talking about halfway through is by far my favorite part. Can you guess why?

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  1. Wow - very cool. And since you are in Vegas, you don't even get cold looking at the lights. What a fun idea!


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