Motivation Monday #3

I wanted to take a step back from the Monday Blue's and write a simple and hopefully uplifting post. With so many things that we are supposed to BE or are meant to BE that it can sometimes feel overwhelming to be all of those things. Sadly, sometimes we even feel like we are supposed to be negative things. I know that on a daily basis I am supposed to be a: mom, daughter, grand daughter, co-worker, friend, office manager, crazy, overwhelmed, anxious, etc etc etc.

But what about all of the simple words that mean so much that we can ALL be.  We are all of these words so long as we try and want to be. They seem like simple white lettered words inside of a giant BE but in reality, they mean so much. So next time you feel like you have to BE something, remember the words that you are already being.


  1. Our character is so much more important that our accomplishments. Life will always bring ups and downs, but our value isn't in being perfect. This post is like a big 'hug' that everyone needs:)

  2. Our character is definitely far more important because it is who we are as a person. I am so glad that you saw this post as a hug since I was trying to post something uplifting and hopefully helpful to some. ♥


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