Carpe Diemused to urge someone to make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future.

Why shouldn't we make the most of every day, moment, second in time? Time is a precious thing in life and you never know how much of it you have. That's not a bright thing to think about but the knowledge of it should get you into the mindset of not letting any moment go by without enjoying it. 

Don't spend time on the negative people or aspects of life but instead surround yourself with positive people that will lift you up as you will them. Make as many memories as you possibly can and try to document them so you and your loved ones can look back on them in years to come. Don't let a moment go by without telling those close that you care about them even if they know because it's always nice to hear. Take a leap sometimes out of your comfort zone as it will be a memory, possible learning experience and doing new things are a great way to "Seize the day."

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  1. My daughter and I were just talking this morning about taking a leap outside of your comfort zone. Whether it goes well or not, there is still a boost to your confidence of realizing I tried it, I survived, and I came out the other side. I wouldn't be crazy every day, but periodically it can really give a boost:)


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