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If you're thinking that Disney Pixar's new animated movie Inside Out is just a movie for the kiddos then I would definitely have to disagree with you. Maybe it's because I generally love Disney and animated anything or maybe it's because like many of Pixar's other movies, like UP, Inside Out brought a heart warming emotional side to the film as well as many funny laughable moments. 

Pixar is no stranger to adding in emotional tear jerking moments to their movies and if you have seen the movie UP, are you under a rock if you haven't, then you know exactly what I am talking about. UP dealt with great romance and an even greater loss while Inside Out deals with the complicated and emotional inner workings of a young girls mind. 

The story revolves around the families rough move from their loving home to a completely new place where everything begins to change. The daughter, Riley, doesn't take these changes to easily and with her young adolescence she begins to change which complicates things inside of her head where lies our main storytellers. The movie is mainly told from the brightly colored and opinionated emotions inside of her head. Joy, the stories main protagonist is our main narrator and who a big chunk of the film revolves around. Inside of Riley's head the story mainly revolves around Joy and Sadness who turns all of Riley's memories blue and sad if she touches them which Joy being Riley's source of happiness cannot have and our conflict begins. 

Joy and Sadness end up embarking on an adventure through Riley's long-term memory, Imagination-land, and land of the forgotten with some silly companions. This is where our true messages in the movie begin to shine all while Anger, Disgust and Fear are left in the main headquarters attempting to keep Riley from becoming emotionally numb forever. The film manages to be emotionally poignant and hits home without ever being to sappy or cheesy. The moments that had me shedding a few tears were closely followed by some comic relief that had myself and others in the theater laughing the tears away. Pixar did an impeccable job of balancing out the moments and going from making us laugh to feeling sad to right back to making us laugh again. It's a healthy mixture of our emotions including the trio that are stumbling along doing their best. 

The films computer animated graphics seem to take a backseat to this emotionally laugh worthy story. It's an absolutely gorgeous film true with its bright colors but not exactly breathtaking like when Toy Story was first released and the graphics were new and amazing. The film is sure to to keep the attention of a fidgety child that loves animation as it did with my five year old. No potty breaks or asking when it's over because his eyes were glued to those brightly colored characters. 

It's a very touching, laugh worthy and emotionally heart warming film that will definitely find its way into our collection when it is released on DVD. However, I am not sure if I could see a sequel coming from this film. As a stand alone film it is truly amazing all wrapped up in it's colorful spheres of emotions and I am truly content with the ending that hit home for me on many occasions but I am not sure if a sequel would be as good as this film. 

Go see Inside Out if you are contemplating it at all. Those of any age are sure to find something to love about this film that Pixar did not disappoint with. It is something truly special that leaves you with a smile from the Inside Out.

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