A Road Trip Checklist for Your Car

Going on road trips is such an awesome and fun thing to do that I would love to do a whole hell of a lot more of. If you are a list maker like I am (you'll see just how bad of one I am in an upcoming post) then you quite possibly write every single thing that you could possibly want to take with you on your trip all the way down to the cotton ear swabs. But....how often do you write a list of things that you need to get, do or need to have for your car before you leave?

Never? Yeah I am right there with you but since I am getting ready for my birthday trip to back home (I'm going to Disneyland woohoo) next weekend, the thought of a maintenance list for my car popped into my head. Especially since I am taking my new baby that I got this past May.

Me and my new baby which is a 2013 Dodge Avenger. Beyond fitting for a MARVEL obsessed chick like myself.

These are things straight from my, one of many lists for next weekend and could quite possibly change from person to person or rather car to car hahahah but they are pretty basic yet easily forgotten,

1. A full tank of gas.
Okay, yeah this is a total no-brainer but still, gotta make sure she's filled up and ready to go.

2. Washed & cleaned out
This might not go for every car but mine is quite dirty on the outside from the random thundershowers and being parked under a shedding tree that birds like to sit in. I've been waiting until the day we leave to get her washed since she'd just get dirty again and I don't want to go on vacation in a dirty car. Maybe that's car vanity I'm not sure lol

3. Oil change 
If your car is approaching its time for one of these then it might be a good idea to get it done before you hit the road. My car is approaching her due date for one and she might thank me for getting it done by driving better on our way there.

4. Tires properly inflated
I would think that this would be a definite check since you wouldn't want to be driving many miles on a wobbly, uneven car. Or would you?

5. Check & fill fluids
Another must check since cars need these in order to run and I don't think anybody would want there car to die in the middle of nowhere from the lack of something that takes about five minutes to do.

6. Spare tire & a jack 
A definite must and not just for road trips but for driving in general. Being stuck somewhere with a flat or blown out tire and no way to change sucks the big one and even more if you are in the middle of nowhere.

7. Emergency kit
Something that should be in every car especially if you have kiddos like myself since you never know who is going to fall down and get hurt. Usually though it is me haha

8. Gallon of water
Something to carry in case your car happens to overheat or if you somehow get stranded and need water until help arrives. Although if you live in the desert like myself you might want to carry 2-3 gallons.

9. Empty gas can
Another item that all cars should normally have in them. Personally, I usually don't go below half a tank before filling it up but my younger self used to play Russian roulette with my old cars gas tank and see how long I could go until I had to put gas in the tank. Usually it had to deal with payday never coinciding with my refueling needs.

10. A roadside service kit
You never know when anything could happen and you might needs jumper cables, flares or anything else inside one of these depending on how big of one you get. Even if you have roadside service, one of these bad boys could come in quite handy.

These are so easy to overlook and forget about, except of course filling up the gas tank since that little light sits and stares at you while you're driving. But everything else for many people like myself, are far too easy to forget about and overlook which is why a quick little list is rather handy. If you have anything to add on to this list then please leave them in the comments section below as I would love to read them and possibly add them to my list.

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