Underwater Summer Gardens at the Bellagio Conservatory

Recently (4 weeks ago is recently right? lol) I took the kiddo down to the Conservatory & Botanical Gardens inside of the Bellagio Hotel & Casino. It's one of my favorite things to check out because throughout the year they are always changing the theme of the Gardens. Currently the them is Summer Garden and an underwater one at that.

Not sure which one of us enjoyed checking everything out more because we both were turning every which way to look at every little detail. It's amazing what they put together in a weeks time that draws such a large crowd everyday. Not sure if they do this underwater theme ever Summer as this is the first time I've seen it but it is definitely beautiful and I totally dig all of the bright colors. This little sea turtle dude is my favorite piece out ot the whole thing. He makes me think of the turtles in Finding Nemo who were totally awesome dude :) If you live in Vegas or plan on visiting one day I would recommend putting this on your to-do list as it is on my recommendations list of must see sights. Since they change it up throughout the year you will always get to see something new. If you want to see what exhibit is currently on display or coming up then be sure to check out their website. You can click HERE to do so if you would like. 

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