Motivation Monday #5

Truth! This is something that I believe every single person deals with on a regular basis. It's kind of like a mental demon in a sense also because it's negativity and doesn't bring anything good into a persons life. It's that little cartoon devil that sits on your shoulder telling you every single thing that you do not need to stress and worry over.

It sits on your shoulder and whispers not so sweet things in your ear like: "Does he/she still like me?" "What did I do to make him/her not like me anymore?" "I marked B on the exam but I bet it was C and now I'm going to fail" "Mom and Dad are fighting. Does that mean that they're getting divorced?" "Do these pants make my butt look big?"

There are so many things that people worry about on a daily basis that it takes away from living and enjoying life happily as it comes and goes. My day starts out with worrying about something. I worry about getting my son to kindergarten on time, getting myself to work on time, not getting in a car accident in the crazy Las Vegas traffic, doing a good job at work so I still have it to come to the next day, being overweight and not losing any of it, what made the guy I was into just want to be friends, being a single mom and alone for the rest of my life, do my horrible bangs look somewhat decent today, etc etc...... And that's maybe half of my daily worries and they take over my day.

Why? Because I let them just like you and everyone else in the world lets them. Some of the things that are worried over could quite easily be fixed with proper time management. Like getting my son and I to school and work on time. We just need to get up earlier and not fiddle fart around in the morning. Worrying about the past guy is easy. He proved that he isn't the one for me and I should thank him for not wasting any more of my time. My bangs, well...I can just pull them back with a headband until the grow out. The more steps I take to prevent the worries the less that little cartoon devil sits on my shoulder and hopefully eventually I can just flick him off altogether.

Worrying has a tendency to rule your life and take up space in your brain. DON"T LET IT!!! Stress which is caused by worrying is so bad for your health and your skin so figure out ways to prevent it from even happening. Write everything that you worry over down on a piece of paper and once you're done with that, write ways in which you can fix them. Even if it means waking up or going to bed an hour earlier or something, there is normally a solution for anything and everything.

If that naughty shoulder sitter starts to whisper in your ear, just flick it in the nose.

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