Motivation Monday #6

When you read this quote, what do you think it means? For me, I think it means not to play things safe your whole life, sitting on the dock but to get out into the water and live your life even if the water gets choppy.

Many of us just sit there on the docks not risking anything and playing it safe. Usually so we don't get hurt and don't have to deal with the heartache and pain the life sometimes deals us. But in reality, sitting on the docks and watching everyone else riding the waves even if they fall in them is hurting ourselves. If you fall into the water and the current drags you one way or the other and you're struggling to find your way back up, just relax because you will. No matter how choppy the water gets, you can't get somewhere or have any fun without braving the sea of life.

So put on a life jacket and strap a life preserver to your back if you need to and get your ship out in the sea. Getting hurt is a part of life but the experiences you go through are worth it.

Enjoy the ride and surfs up dude!!

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